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Mysterious stones of Ica

Jana G.Jana G.
Ica Stones

The stones from the Peruvian city of Ica are one of the most paradoxical phenomena and evidence that the historical facts of human evolution may not be entirely accurate.

In the seventies of the twentieth century, in the city of Ica, located in Peru, were discovered ancient artefacts with an unusual appearance.

These were granite stones on which images were engraved. The scenes presented on these stones, reveal the life of an unknown civilization.

According to some experts, this is an encyclopedia of the ancient past of mankind, but it is not clear when it is created.

Plots on the stones of Ica contradict historical evidence for the development of ancient Indian tribes, and also contradicts the idea of human evolution.

They show the lives of people who were at the level of modern civilization, and in some respects even overtaking it.

Those images can not be attributed to any known race. It is not clear what they were and when they lived, but as they were depicted in the company of dinosaurs, they probably inhabited planet in very ancient times.

On some of the stones are depicted ancient animals, dead three hundred million years ago. Engraved on the stones are people who used dinosaurs as pets.

Some of the stones provide aircraft with unusual appearances, as well as maps of the night sky. There are also images of ancient surgery and transplants of hearts and brains.

So far more than six thousand stone images have been found. On some of the stones are represented people who fly on strange airplanes, but on the others - people who are riding a flying pterodactyl.

Some of the stones have been found during archaeological excavations, in ancient sites of mass burials.