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The Mysteries of Shambhala

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Shambhala is a hidden land, whose location is known to only a minority of devotees. It is said to be located somewhere in the Himalayas. It is mentioned in Tibetan, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and other myths and legends.

This holy land is said to be inhabited by super humans. One of the theories is that all of humankind's ancestors are gathered there, as well as representatives of every single race that has ever lived on Earth.

It is a kind of gene pool. If humanity were to be wiped out for any reason, these beings are to start it up again. Today, they watch over us and do their best to put us on the right track.

Shambhala is thought to be the source of esoteric wisdom. The oldest records of it can be found in Buddhism (Vajrayana). For centuries, its exact location has been sought after.

Some texts claim that it can be found north of the river Sita (presently identified as the Tarim River, Amu Darya and Syr Darya). It is surrounded by snowy mountains on all sides, the center of which contains the center of Shambhala. In some texts there is information pertaining to Kalapa - the king's kingdom.

Peter Deunov

The teacher Peter Deunov also mentioned this enigmatic place. What all of the writings have in common is the way the beginning of Shambhala is presented. It was said that in the beginning, divine science coexisted with humans science.

But once people went astray from the righteous path, the ancient teachers and wise men retreated to Shambhala, taking the ancient knowledge away from them.

They left them to build their lives on their own, guiding them from afar. The ancient knowledge was left encrypted and hidden, so that people wouldn't bring harm to themselves.

Shambhala is the place where perfection reigns. Only a very few have managed to see it and then return to tell about it. This magical kingdom is guarded by a psychic field or force, which does not allow for anyone to find it.

The beings that inhabit it constantly help to enhance humanity and give a boost to human culture. And once the time is right, they will once again reveal themselves and live alongside their creations - humans.