Sleep less, to live moreSleep less, to live more
04 Dec.
The Spanish sleep 40 minutes less than all the remaining Europeans. More than 6 years of our lives are spent dreaming. As we become older, we spend more time sleeping....
We Learn More Effectively After a Good SleepWe Learn More Effectively After a Good Sleep
30 June
The American scientists discovered that in the group of mice that handled the task faster and more easily, new neurons had formed at the edges of their nerve cells, with only the mice that were left to get enough sleep having...
Incas fattened sacrificial childrenIncas fattened sacrificial children
19 Mar.
Because of this, scientists have been painting a picture of a long life, for the doomed children. Chemical analysis showed that children initially ate mostly fruit, which issued a lower social status....
Supernatural Powers Love ChildrenSupernatural Powers Love Children
16 Sept.
Is it true that children are more likely to be associated with the paranormal phenomena and that their perceptions and sense are sharpened to the supernatural world?...
How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?
20 Feb.
One third of our lives is spent in deep sleep. For more than a century medics are trying to unravel the state of mind during this time. However, are still failing to provide an answer to this fascinating mystery....
More and More People Feed Only on SunshineMore and More People Feed Only on Sunshine
30 Sept.
One of the first people to feed only on the rays of the sun, is the 64-year-old engineer from India Hira Ratan Manek. A few years ago, the world's press called great attention to the man who lives without eating. The...
Tall people are smarter than short peopleTall people are smarter than short people
12 Sept.
Experts from Princeton University found that in children that taller children have a more developed cognitive skills than their smaller piers when studied in a place where the influence of social aspects of human society...
Sleep Improves VocabularySleep Improves Vocabulary
26 June
When parents read stories to their children before bed, this helps them greatly expand their vocabulary, claim French psychologists....
Hypnosis During SleepHypnosis During Sleep
11 Mar.
Our subconscious is triggered during sleep, and we react to hearing sounds. This means that hypnosis can affect you even when you sleep....
Secrets of sleepSecrets of sleep
28 Jan.
When we have a more hectic and busy day it influences our sleep. According to some studies one-third of the adult population on the planet has serious problems with this vital process....
Sleep Disorders: narcolepsySleep Disorders: narcolepsy
27 Jan.
• Regular physical exercise, this will help you feel more energetic during the day and also sleep better at night....
Sleep Talking - SomniloquySleep Talking - Somniloquy
27 Jan.
Here is some more information about the symptoms, causes and treatment of sleep talking. Sleep talking is a common disorder, especially among children....
Phases of sleepPhases of sleep
12 Dec.
There have been two main phases of sleep: Orthodox (slow) sleep and paradoxical (rapid) sleep....
Most popular sleep disturbancesMost popular sleep disturbances
18 July
Unlike nightmares, which occur during deep sleep, nighttime fears arise at the beginning of the night. Most often they occur among children....
Tips for sound sleepTips for sound sleep
04 May
Some assimilate more slowly, and it is the afternoon coffee that prevents sleep....

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