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Tips for sound sleep


A healthy and relaxed sleep depends on the lifestyle of the day, especially in the evening and in particular the following factors:


a) Chew

For a peaceful sleep it is important that we eat during the day and when and how we eat especially at night. Dinner must be between 17 and 18 hours to allow food to settle to 22 hours in order to sleep peacefully. After 17-18 hours the functions of the stomach and all organs reduce and fade away. In any event, the dinner should be 3- 4 hours before bedtime hours.

Assuming you eat your food later, much of it will remain undigested and then you will have contamination of toxins which result in the food being postponed as fat.

Tips for sound sleep

b) quality of food

The great importance to a peaceful sleep is what we eat in the evening. Food should not be irritating to the gastrointestinal tract: peppermint, very acidic, containing cooked fats (vegetable oil, lard), as they irritate the stomach with harmful substances.

c) the quantity of food for dinner to be less

d) liquids

Do not drink cafe, cocoa or eat chocolate at night.

Caffeine contained in coffee is a stimulant and usually takes 6-8 hours to get rid of it's impact. Some assimilate more slowly, and it is the afternoon coffee that prevents sleep.

Carbon monoxide contained in soft drinks have a destructive act on nerve cells and narrow the blood vessels which irritate the stomach lining resulting in causing insomnia.

Accustomed soothing herbal teas such as balm, linden, and mint in the evening, sweetened with honey are also known to aid in a relaxed sleep.


An important requirement for restful sleep is 1 hour of running (5-6 km). This improves metabolism, improves the fitness and calms the nervous system. The balance between the adoption of energy intake and energy expended is most important for human health. Health and happiness, indicates that 1 hours walk in the morning and 1 hour in the evening after dinner in the fresh air will maintain the normal amount of enzymes needed for digestion of food and in order to burn fat all day.

III. Air, for a quiet night sleep it is important to sleep in a ventilated room for fresh air. Do not allow smoking in the evening in the room where you sleep, because even after airing the room the smell of tobacco remains the most common.

IV. Sun, prolonged exposure of the sun during the day can be a cause of insomnia as it excites the nervous system.

V. Water, taking a shower in the evening 1 hour before bedtime with nice hot water, increases blood circulation, soothes the nervous system and fosters a healthy and restful sleep.

Sound sleep

Changing the hot water with cold water strengthens the nervous immune systems

VI. Bedtime hour, go to bed early, 22-23 hours. Sleep between 22 and 24 hours is the most complete. Late bedtime leads to insomnia. 12-14 hours of being awake means your body requires a needed rest and recovery for restocking, especially of the digestive system and adrenal glands.

VII. Natural resources for a restful sleep, drink a glass of milk (sweetened with honey) before sleep. Milk contains tryptophan, a natural hypnotic. Milk neutralizes acid in the stomach and soothes you. Glass of water sweetened with some honey will also soothe and calm sleep.

Spread your face or forehead, and only near the ears with honey and lie down to sleep. You will soon drift and fall asleep.

A glass of herbal tea (balm, linden, valerian, mint, hawthorn) in the evening leads to a restful sleep.

With 1 / 2 validol tablet under the tongue you can fall asleep.

Use herbal pillows for sleeping.

Lie down and play nice, soothing music. Relax your whole body gradually, slowly, from head to feet and mentally repeating the text of relaxation.

Lie down and count mentally from 1 until falling asleep.

Perform body exercises in the evening before sleep. Massage the head, neck, forehead and near the temples. A massage will improve the irrigation of nerve cells and help you fall asleep quickly.

Try to be calm in the evening. Avoid conflicting situations, bad thoughts and feelings and unpleasant conversations during the day and evening.