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A Dark Office = Less Sleep


During the summer heat, sleep can be a real challenge, especially for people who don't have air conditioners, with which to cool off at home. British scientists believe, however, that the environment we work in also has an influence on a good night's rest.

The new study reveals that employees who need to work in enclosed areas where there is no natural light, sleep much less than other people.

The results show that persons who spend all day in an office without light, sleep a whole 46 minutes less. Those who work near a window or out in the open have a better and healthier sleep and therefore a better quality of life in comparison to their colleagues, for which daylight is in deficiency.

The study is publicized in Clinical Sleep Medicine magazine. The scientists' conclusion is that our work environment is of key significance for our biological clock.

The results further show that well-lit premises fortify the psychological and physical health of the workers.


If the environment at the office is appropriate, not only will you rest well, you will also be that much more productive.

A different study shows that people who remain at the office late, smoke more than the others. The study claims that workaholics are heavier smokers than other people who smoke.

The experts reached this conclusion after they examined the habits of 20 thousand smokers. The study continued for 19 years and revealed that those who increased their work hours from 40 to 60 per week, also significantly increased their use of cigarettes.

The scientists speculate that this happens mainly due to the greater amount of stress that the employees are subjected to and because they are left with very little time for fun.

For many smokers, lighting a cigarette is a way to relax for a few minutes or get away from the stress, which leads us to the logical explanation of why they smoke more when they have less time to rest.