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Obese people sleep less

Obese people sleep less

People who sleep five or fewer hours per day, more often suffer from overweight and obesity. Weight gain is from the assumed volume of food, research shows.

Scientists tracked the daily regime of 70, 000 middle-aged women participating in the study of health. For 16 years the participants noted their actual weight every 2 years. The survey results clearly showed that participants who slept five or less hours per day are uploaded with 15-32 percent more weight than other women. The result is that inadequate sleep leads to obesity, the study conducted by Americans, is the largest in this direction.

Obese people sleep less

Previously, it was believed that weight gain relates to the fact that when one does not sleep, one eats more, but it became clear that it is not so. Appetite and diet do not influence the weight of women who sleep less.

The reason why lack of sleep affects our weight is unknown, says the head of the study. It is assumed that the duration of sleep affects the speed of Metabolism. Inadequate sleep slows the metabolism resulting in the calories burning more slowly.

Another possible cause is decreased physical activity during the day. Tired people prefer to sit rather than move. Sleeping and moving less therefore will again result in fewer calories being burned.

The survey results were presented at an international conference of the American Society of biology in San Diego.

Sleep peacefully and not worry about your weight!