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Man is paralyzed during sleep

Man is paralyzed during sleep

Sleep is the mystery with which science has dealt with for thousands of years, but still can not explain it. Many people believe that dreams can reveal secrets of the future, however, when one wakes up one may not remember absolutely nothing. Here are some interesting facts about the enigma of sleep.

1. Our body during sleep is paralyzed, however movements that can be made during sleep are not repeated.

2. External stimuli affect our sleep. Subconsciousness makes part of the dream a natural feeling. If you're thirsty for instance, the subconscious part of our mind makes an image of a glass of water that you would try to drink. This scheme can be repeated every night until you wake up and realize that you really need a drink and do drink the water. Thus, subconsciously suggesting that we must awaken.

3. Former smokers dream deeper and more real dreams than other people.

4. Dreams are symbolic. Our subconscious uses sign language and symbols. Every dream must not be taken literally, although it is consistent with the storyline and rich. So we send subliminal signals, but not accurate images.

5. Twelve percent of people only dream black and white dreams. Others dream in color.

6. In your dreams you may often see strangers. But our minds do not think of their faces. These are real people we have met in real life, but we do not remember them.

Man is paralyzed during sleep

7. Prevents sleep nervous breakdown. Dreams are a reflection of our desires, conscious or unconscious. Recently, psychologists conducted an experiment. Volunteers slept for 8 hours a day however, their sleep was interrupted. After a while, the volunteers began to receive hallucinations, become nervous, and showed some aggression.

8. All people without exception, dream dreams, but men and women have different dreams. Typically, representatives from the men dream of sex, while women viewed represented a dream of both sexes in nearly equal proportions.

9. 90% of dreams are forgotten. Two minutes after awakening, we may longer even remember half of our dreams, and after ten minutes we hardly remember 10% of them. How unfortunate but an undeniable fact.

10. The blind also dream. People blinded after birth, dreaming dreams in the form of pictures. Dreams of the blind at birth, however, are filled with sounds and smells.