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Good Sleep Begins at Midnight

Antonia R.Antonia R.

For a healthy and sound sleep, it's important to fall asleep around midnight, a new study shows. According to experts, the time when you go to bed is just as important as the number of hours spent sleeping.

The study shows that it matters to the body if it rests from midnight to 7-8 in the morning or from 1-2 at night to 9-10 in the morning.

The best quality sleep is between midnight and 7 in the morning for adults, the study says. After such a lengthy and peaceful sleep the brain and memory work better, while the body has completely restored the energy it has spent during the day.

Experts add also that to prepare for sleep you need at least 1 hour, which is why the ideal time for going to bed is around 11 PM.

During that 1 hour, it's recommended to partake in quiet activities, such as reading and meditation, in order to give your body a sign that it's time for sleep.


Irregular and poor sleep may make you more tense and irritable than normal. As well, poor sleep affects the function of a brain that is not rested and makes it difficult for it to remember information.

The lack of quality sleep affects the entire body. People who have not had enough sleep are at a higher risk of viral infections such as cold or flu and develop various infections easier.

For a sound sleep it's also of key importance not to eat too much at dinner, not to drink alcohol, smoke or eat chocolate. It's been found that clean air helps persons fall asleep faster and it's advised to take a short walk after eating.

You should not eat heavy fatty and meaty foods up to 4 hours before bed. This means that you should eat dinner no later than 7 PM.

You can take a bath before bed, while also drinking a glass of warm water or milk right before, since they have a proven effect for longer and better sleep.