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The Harm of Sleep Deprivation

Nina NordNina Nord
The Harm of Sleep Deprivation

Most people feel that time flies much faster these days than it did in previous centuries. We cannot live peacefully, we are always in a hurry to get somewhere.

Modern technology does not make our lives more peaceful, only more comfortable. There is nothing strange about the fact that the majority of people suffer from sleep deprivation.

For the average person, lack of sleep is very dangerous. It not only destroys health, but also leads to a change in a person's personality. Not only their habits but also their character traits can change.

That is why in the Middle Ages there was an inquisition that deprived a person of sleep in order to confess both committed and uncommitted sins. For most people, eight hours of sleep is enough.

To look good, you must get enough sleep, because not getting enough sleep slows down hormone production, weakens the whole immune system and if you don't get enough sleep regularly, your nervous system can break down, your intellect can weaken, as well as body and brain reactions.

Sleep deprivation leads to a number of diseases such as hypertension, neuroses, phobias. This happens even to people who regularly exercise and breathe fresh air on the weekend.

Sleep deprivation can be expressed in excess weight and despite diets – in obesity. Systemic sleep deprivation leads to a gradual increase in blood pressure, the development of diabetes is not excluded. The reason for this severe consequence is the production of more insulin during chronic sleep deprivation, as blood glucose rises due to its inability to be properly absorbed. Accumulated excess insulin causes fat to accumulate, a person gains weight and is at serious risk of hypertension. Sleep deprivation disrupts glucose tolerance, which is a serious prerequisite for diabetes.

The skin withers and loses its fresh look, the eyes do not shine, the hair becomes damaged and looks like a broom. Women who sleep very little, age forty percent faster than their peers who sleep at least seven hours a day. People who don't get enough sleep shorten their lives by at least ten years.

Systemic sleep deprivation

Anyone who has had a lack of sleep knows that during the day they feel irritable, concentration is poor, you're unable to work and the memory is also impaired. So it is completely normal to conclude that systemic sleep deprivation hinders career, worsens relationships with colleagues and close people, becomes causes of mistakes and misunderstandings.

As a result of insomnia, the level of the hormone dopamine increases in the body. It causes positivity and stronger motivation, but unfortunately the effect is too short. What is dangerous about this situation is the risk of addiction, the tendency to take risks and impulsive behavior increases, which can harm some aspects of life and even cause trouble.

Systemic sleep deprivation negatively affects the immune system and eventually seriously depletes it, making the body susceptible to various diseases. Sleep is health and is a prerequisite for good health and a beautiful appearance.

Lack of sleep is a major cause of dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes, which in turn is a prerequisite for dark circles. When a person sleeps, the systems function properly and the dark circles disappear. If sleep deprivation is systemic, the circles become deeper and harder to hide.

Lack of sleep worsens the quality of sex life and for men it can cause erectile dysfunction.

Insufficient sleep has another very unpleasant side effect - it increases appetite and makes us go for more unhealthy foods. If the body hasn't rested enough, it begins to release more of the peptide ghrelin, which causes an increase in appetite, at the expense of the decreasing hormone ghrelin - which tells the brain that the body is already full.

According to some studies, losing even 30 minutes of sleep can cause unpleasant effects, which slow down the metabolism. Lack of sleep is the enemy of a beautiful figure and this is an absolutely proven fact that should not be ignored.

It is believed that just one sleepless night has the effect of alcohol abuse. In our hectic everyday life, we don't even realize what harm we are doing to our body by not giving it the necessary rest. The combination of alcohol and lack of sleep does double harm to the body and should be avoided.

Afternoon nap against insomnia

It is not for nothing that the Spanish invented the siesta – afternoon nap, which is very healthy for both children and adults. There is no norm for sleep - but it should not be less than seven hours, unless you feel refreshed after four or five hours of sleep. Everyone must feel for themselves when their nervous system and physical condition are restored.

If you suffer from sleep problems, you may have plants in your bedroom that would help. These are aloe vera, lavender, common ivy and sansevieria. Lavender is most effective for insomnia, because it has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. A pot of lavender by the bed is a real gift for sleep problems, so don't hesitate to get some of this miracle flower.