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More and More People Feed Only on Sunshine

Nina NordNina Nord

One of the first people to feed only on the rays of the sun, is the 64-year-old engineer from India Hira Ratan Manek. A few years ago, the world's press called great attention to the man who lives without eating.

The only thing the Indian puts in his mouth is boiled water. The fact that he really eats nothing has been confirmed many times over by different teams of scientists from around the world.

They observed the engineer for one year during which he ate nothing. In Russia the most famous woman who feeds on the sun is Zinaida Baranova. After losing all her loved ones, she gave up spiritually and began suffering from illnesses.

Once out of her heavy mental state, Zinaida became a vegetarian and followed an amplification of spiritual practices. That's when she decided to live entirely on solar energy.


She is convinced that this is an experiment of higher powers. For ten years, she has eaten nothing and has no worries of being tempted with eating anything delicious. She cannot smell food, though otherwise she perceives the aromas of everything else.

According to the Russian, invisible forces have shut down her taste receptors. She went to get tested and found out that her body had become forty years younger.

Russian physiologists believe that Baranova passed into a new level of existence - vibration. But conventional medicine is unable to confirm it.

According to some theories, in this state, every organ in the body creates a vibrational twin, which charges the the other with plenty of energy. Even back in 1925, Russian scientists predicted that humanity will have to learn the absorption of energy from space, as plants and animals will progressively diminish.

Even earlier, in 1880, Russian scientist Sergey Podolinski had proven the mechanical necessity of eating solar energy. According to him, humanity should give up eating meat and plants and should directly be connected to the Sun.

Other worlds

Thus, the scientist claimed, man will become a perfect machine, from a thermodynamic standpoint. The Australian Jasmuhin proved this in practice. She has not eaten anything for the past nine years.

She has developed a method for quitting food that lasts 21 days. So far, two people have already died after the unsuccessful transition to feeding on solar energy.

According to unofficial data, the number of people who feed on solar energy is constantly growing - today they number about eight thousand. According to experts, the phenomenon of feeding off the sun fits in to Eastern medicine.

According to Jasmuhin, we do not digest foods and drinks but the vital energy that is in them, called "prana". From this perspective, by feeding on solar energy, one absorbs prana directly through the skin. It is an ancient yogic practice.