American surgeon pulls alien chips from human beingsAmerican surgeon pulls alien chips from human beings
14 Sept.
The second kind of chips are communication wires and through them the human receives orders from the 'aliens'....
Human sacrifices in PeruHuman sacrifices in Peru
14 May
To do this, the researchers studied 33 sets of human remains of sacrifices, whose ribs were sampled. Inca rituals were carried out in the heart of the empire, the victims were mostly young men and women....
Human sacrifice discovered in PeruHuman sacrifice discovered in Peru
20 May
A temple with a tomb has been discovered in which for thousands of years has remains of human sacrifices in it. It was uncovered by archaeologists in Peru....
Human Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human HistoryHuman Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human History
07 Feb.
One of the biggest attractions at the time were the so-called human zoos. They included exhibits of black people who were taken from their native villages in Africa and locked in cages like animals....
The Deadliest Wars in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Wars in Human History
15 June
Listed below are the deadliest wars in human history. Dungan Revolt (8 million - 20.8 million people killed) Six out of the ten deadliest wars in history have been waged in China....
The Deadliest Diseases in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Diseases in Human History
06 June
Whooping Cough Technically known as pertussis, this highly contagious disease is also called the "100-day cough" in some countries....
The Bermuda Triangle and its HistoryThe Bermuda Triangle and its History
29 Apr.
It stands at the heart of discussions of the electromagnetic field....
The Kyshtym Dwarf - the ET Mummy That Turned Ufology on its HeadThe Kyshtym Dwarf - the ET Mummy That Turned Ufology on its Head
28 July
According to these, the body was that of a human fetus, aged 20-25 weeks, female, with severe developmental defects. The scientists reported that the creature could only have survived for a few hours....
Aliens cure from leukemia?Aliens cure from leukemia?
20 Nov.
Her doctor however confirmed that the woman had suffered from leukemia in the last article and there is no way to be cured from the disease....
How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?
13 Jan.
The human head normally weighs about 4-7% of our body mass. This means that the head of an adult of average weight weighs about 8 lb (3.6 kg)....
The Human Lifespan has its Limit and We've Reached it!The Human Lifespan has its Limit and We've Reached it!
18 Jan.
The authors of the study are scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York....
The Most Heated Rivalries in HistoryThe Most Heated Rivalries in History
20 Jan.
But his years as president were marked by his severe rivalry with Robert Kennedy, who never stopped criticizing him, both in front of the Senate and in front of soldiers in Vietnam....
True Alien EncountersTrue Alien Encounters
08 Jan.
The creature stood insensitive when from his head, sparks started to spew out. Eduardo and his brother were scared when they realized that this must be an alien....
The Milky Way Stole Some of its Stars from Another GalaxyThe Milky Way Stole Some of its Stars from Another Galaxy
16 Jan.
They were simply snatched from a neighboring one thanks to the unimaginable gravity of the Milky Way. The theory comes from a group of astronomers from Harvard University....
The Tarim Mummies of XinjiangThe Tarim Mummies of Xinjiang
03 Apr.
The mummies of the Tarim Valley, or mummies of Xinjiang, are very mystical and shrouded in mystery. They were found at the foot of Shay Tian in China....

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