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The Kyshtym Dwarf - the ET Mummy That Turned Ufology on its Head

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Kyshtym Mummy

Alyoshenka or the Kyshtym Dwarf - reportedly the first extraterrestrial mummy found on our planet - has been captivating the minds of ufologists and conspiracy theorists for years. The body of the mysterious humanoid is unequivocal evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The Kyshtym Dwarf was found in the village of Kaolinovy, not far from Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. Retired local woman Tamara Prosvirina had begun hearing voices in her head during her stay at the psychiatric ward. In May of 1996, those same voices told her to go to the nearby cemetery. Once there, she came upon the miniature humanoid, which was alive at the time. She took it home and named it "Alyoshenka".

Prosvirina began caring for the small creature as if it were her own child. Other people from her village also saw her new child. However, the woman's acute schizophrenia necessitated her return to the psychiatric ward. Once she was taken there, she told doctors that there was a child in her home, which she had to care for. They thought she was delusional, not taking her words seriously. And so, left helpless, the little creature died.

Prosvirina's neighbor, Vladimir Nurdinov, found the body of the creature, which had begun to mummify at an alarming rate. Not long after, the man was suspected of stealing an electrical conductor and police arrived at his home. During the search, police found the mummy of the alien. They handed the body over to local experts for analysis.

The mummy prompted fascination, to say the least. In order to be studied more closely, it was to be sent to Moscow. During its trip, the Kyshtym Dwarf disappeared.

Rumors go that the body was taken by Russian security agencies. The reason: that it was an actual extraterrestrial. Analyses by the medical experts, prior to its disappearance, showed that it was not human by any means.

The only thing that the tiny creature had left behind was the tissue in which it was wrapped. It was studied by the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics in Moscow. Results of the analysis were published in 2004. According to these, the body was that of a human fetus, aged 20-25 weeks, female, with severe developmental defects.

The scientists reported that the creature could only have survived for a few hours. Locals disagree, saying that they had seen the child even after Prosvirina was hospitalized - i.e. it did not die of hunger. They are convinced that the data from the analysis were fabricated. That, in combination with Alyoshenka's disappearance, all point to its extraterrestrial origins.

Another rumor states that the body did in fact make it to Moscow, where it was studied by Dr. Stanislav Samoshkin. In his report, he wrote that the skull of the being was composed of only 4 major bones, whereas the human skull consists of 6. There were also other anomalies in the skeleton that had nothing to do with genetic defects.

The external physical data lead some to classify Alyoshenka as belonging to the so-called race of "Greys". The theories go that they have a secret agreement with the US government. What's more, the Kyshtym Dwarf resembles another mummified body of an alleged alien - that from the Atacama desert, which was discovered in 2003.

Currently, there's no shortage of theories about Alyoshenka's disappearance. Some say its extraterrestrial brethren took it home, while others believe that government agencies continue to hide the truth about extraterrestrials from the rest of us. In an effort to tone down the public's interest, they've released a rumor that anyone who has touched the Kyshtym Dwarf has faced misfortune and bad luck.