How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?

How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?

The human body is one of the most outstanding creations of nature. It is an amazing, self-regulating mechanism. The human body is comprised of different kinds of tissues. These tissues form groups to build the different organs, which in turn are connected together and create organ systems.

Even though people around the world vary in their weight, height, skin and hair color, they are anatomically identical. Externally, the human body consists of the head, neck, torso, including the chest, stomach and pelvic area, arms and legs.

Every human body is made up of different kinds of tissue - connective, muscle, nervous and epithelial. This also explains the varied overall weight of different parts of the body. One of the major parts of the human body is water. It makes up about 70-75% of our bodies.

The total weight of all organs and parts of a person's body is called body mass. The weight of the separate body parts depends on the total body mass of a person, so it's difficult to talk about average numbers separately.

For example, the torso makes up 43% of our body mass, a hand is 1%, a forearm - 2%, a foot - 2% and so on. The human head normally weighs about 4-7% of our body mass. This means that the head of an adult of average weight weighs about 8 lb (3.6 kg).


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