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Aliens cure from leukemia?

Aliens cure from leukemia?

34-year year old Brandt Greta from Berlin says, there was a spaceship where she recovered from a deadly blood disorder.

ET not only saved my life but the life of my child. When I was pregnant, before being kidnapped by aliens doctors raised their hands and said there is no way to help me. However these strange creatures knew what to do. They used Strange rays and tools that saved me, recalls Greta to German reporters.

Her words are difficult for many people to believe. However, one constantly appears, claiming to had allegedly been abducted by a UFO. Her doctor however confirmed that the woman had suffered from leukemia in the last article and there is no way to be cured from the disease. However, no medical undertaking her case was available to comment on whether Brandt was cured by medical assistance.

Greta says further that the four aliens are to conduct a painless procedure, before she returned to earth. She learned that she was sick of leukemia last December when she was pregnant. Then one day when she sat in her car came two strange men with long noses approached her. They looked at her in the eye. Greta went on to follow their commands.

Aliens cure from leukemia?

It took a few miles from her home, to get to the spacecraft. She reports that she went into a dark room to put her on a table and strip her. After some time she lost consciousness from fear.On awakening she says she recalls lying in the courtyard of her house. All this happened within 5 hours.

The only evidence of what happened to her, was a small trace of the needle on the right shoulder.