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Dreams That Have Left Their Mark on History

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It may be hard to believe but some of the greatest masterpieces and discoveries in the world of cinema and literature have been the results of the subconscious dreams of those considered to be their authors.

Mendeleev's Periodic Table

According to the story, the genius chemist Dmitri Mendeleev had been working on his writings for several nights without ever closing his eyes but finally exhaustion took him and he fell asleep. The Russian explained that he dreamed of a table where all of the chemical elements were perfectly arranged, following strict logic.

Mendeleev awoke immediately and wrote down everything he had dreamed. Essentially looking at his dream on paper, the chemist made only one change and so created the table that would completely change the course of history of chemistry.



The author of the emblematic book, Mary Shelley, told how she, her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley and other famous writers decided to hold a friendly competition.

After the friendly literary rivalry, the author decided to rest and went to go sleep. In her dream she witnessed a sinister man, who showed signs of life but his movements were so slow and lifeless that he seemed more like a freshly risen corpse.

Instead of being terrified from the monster in her nightmare, Shelley decided to turn him into a literary hero, thus creating one of the most vivid novels and unforgettable characters of all time.


Film director James Cameron also had a dream, much like Mary Shelley. One night he dreamed of a man who looked a lot like a robot, crawling on the floor with a knife in hand.

Cameron's best ideas always came to him in his dreams, and the movie Avatar was also birthed from his subconscious.


The Structure of DNA

The form and structure of DNA has been known to science since 1953 thanks to the dream of Dr. James Watson. The scientist dreamed of the now well-known double helix as 2 intertwined snakes.

Later he would discover that he had dreamed of the structure of DNA, unfamiliar at the time. Dr. Watson received the Nobel Prize for his remarkable discovery, which opened the doors to innovations in medicine and all thanks to a single dream.