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Warning! A Grey Alien Civilization is Conducting Experiments on us

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Grey Alien

A new theory in the Secret of Life newspaper aims to explain all of the strange things that are going on on Earth. It says that a civilization of grey aliens has been living on the planet for decades and conducting experiments on it.

The aliens are a race advanced to near perfection but lack simple feelings such as empathy and love.

According to the theory, the greys chose our Earth specifically because the ecological conditions were closest to those of their own home planet.

The advanced extraterrestrial civilization made 1st contact with humanity during the 50s of the last century, when it made contact with representatives of the US government. They allowed them to conduct tests with animals on their territory.

In exchange, the aliens promised the Americans to share their knowledge for the development of more advanced technologies.

The crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft near Roswell in 1947 belonged to a delegation of the grey aliens who were unable to land safely.

Hybrid Race

However, over time the extraterrestrials expanded the scope of their experiments and besides animals began including humans as well. The goal of the experiments was to create a hybrid race between aliens and humans on Earth.

The hybrids created by them often died due to the fundamental differences between the 2 races or the inherited diseases and pathologies, although some did survive.

These survivors were sent into human society but had a difficult time integrating into it. Many of them have an introverted character, excessive rationality and are egotistical and completely unfeeling beings.

Editors from the Secret of Life add that even though not everyone will accept this theory as the hard truth, it is important to notify the public. All it takes is just one look at the reality around us to realize that something unnatural is happening on our planet.



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