Did Extraterrestrials Experiment on a Man from Yakutia?
Извънземни провеждали опити с мъж от Якутия?
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Did Extraterrestrials Experiment on a Man from Yakutia?


Every other person in Yakutia has been a witness to strange and inexplicable phenomena, claim the inhabitants of one of the coldest areas on the planet.

For years now, residents of the Sakha Republic have been having close encounters with mysterious beings, which ufologists and mystics have been trying to identify, all without success. A user from a Russian site for paranormal activities shares her story about one such incident.

The incident took place in 2009 in the Suntarsky District, when a local man began telling friends and acquaintances that he was visited by extraterrestrials. His first encounter with the aliens happened one night when he was on his way home.

While he was walking, the man saw a white light, then felt weightless and lost consciousness. When he came to, he had a lingering memory of giant creatures with unclear silhouettes surrounding him. Later he found several red spots, forming a triangle, on his body.

After the event, the man tried sharing his experience with others but no one believed him. They were all ready to forget his tale until something strange happened to him once again. When he was hanging out with friends one night, he suddenly disappeared, not to be seen again for a full 2 weeks.

When he reemerged, he looked to be in horrible physical condition and as if he had aged 20 years. He hardly talked to anyone and kept repeating that he would soon die, for the extraterrestrials had done experiments on him and drained his vitality.


But alongside all this, the strange man began demonstrating unusual skills that he had not possessed until that point. He entertained his friends with these but when his condition deteriorated further and he was put in the hospital, they became worried.

He looked worse with each passing day but doctors were unable to do anything to help him. All they could do was discharge him out of the hospital. Soon after, no one ever heard from him again.

Many believe that he had died somewhere, others say he had been saying strange things shortly before his disappearance and that he was likely visited by extraterrestrials once again. Still others claim that after his disappearance, they've been seeing strange lights in his deserted home and a moving silhouette in the window.



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