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Tales of Alien abductions

Tales of Alien abductions

Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens and then returned back to our planet. Most of them are considered by crazy acquaintances and friends, but it is interesting that many of the stories of abductees coincide.

Already in 1775 a Swedish book was published, in which the husband of a midwife tells how his wife was kidnapped to the country of the fairies to help wife give birth to a troll.

The husband of the midwife was a pastor, he was called Peter Ram. According to his story, a troll appeared and begged him to let his wife go with him to help his wife give birth.

The pastor led his wife go with the troll and says the two vanished in the air, as if they were blown away by the wind. She returned to her house quite suddenly, she appeared as if from nowhere.

She told her husband how it was a place full of metal doors and light, although there were no candles.

In the legends of many people, there are stories of women who were swept away by strange creatures. The bizarre creatures kidnapped babies, and left bundles of rags their places.

These stories are typical especially for Scotland, Ireland and China. Scots had a tradition in the disappearance of a child from their home. They would take the bundle that was left, instead of the child to the woods and placed bread , milk, butter and meat with it. A few hours later, they returned to the forest and if the food was gone, they knew that the child will be returned shortly.

However, sometimes people would decide that their child had been replaced with the child of fairies, and began to abuse him. All these legends are considered stories of people abducted by aliens. Moreover, there have been grown men kidnapped by the fairies, who returned after a day or two, ten or twenty years older. Shortly after, these men would die.

Tales of Alien abductions

Others who returned after ten years, appeared the same way as when they were kidnapped.

In Mayan legends there were tales of beings from heaven who came on something like a rocket. They kidnapped women and when they sent them back, the women bore black children .

In the twentieth century, stories of alien abductions were a real hit. In 1968, the American press had been inundated with details of the kidnapping of family Vidal from Buenos Aires.

"We went into a cloud of mist and obviously we fell asleep on the road. Once we woke up, my wife had a nervous breakdown, the paint of the car was removed and we were in Mexico" the terrified man said. His wife never recovered from the experience and spent her whole life in hospitals, her husband claimed that he cannot remember where he was for forty-eight hours.

In July 1992 Australian Peter Kaur, who was famous among his friends as a sane man drove his wife to work and returned home because he did not feel well. Suddenly two women came to his home - blonde and black, who were completely naked. They spoke strangely, like chirping birds. The blonde tried to grab Peter, but he bit her ear.

Then the two disappeared, and Peter found a blonde hair, which he put in a bag. He underwent hypnosis to find out what happened to him. With the help of renowned Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, he realized he was lying in a brightly lit room, on a table and over it a man who chirped was doing something.

Peter gave the hair to his biochemist friend, who proved that the hair belongs to being very close to human, but at the same time different from human beings altogether.