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Cases of Alien Abductions

Jana G.Jana G.
Alien Abductions

The number of cases of aliens abducting people are not only one or two. Often after such events, there is physical proof left over, proving their reality.

One such case is with 37 year-old Peter Kauri, who lives in Australia. After living through an alien abduction, a unique piece of evidence was left over in his body, which was subsequently sent for DNA analysis.

This had not been his first abduction. He had lived through this type of terrifying event back when he was 7 years old. His next abduction would happen 17 years later. He awoke paralyzed in the middle of the night and glimpsed strange beings surrounding his bed.

One of these beings – tall, thin, with a bronze-colored face and large black eyes, stuck a long needle in Peter’s temple and he lost consciousness. When he awoke, he found nothing except the wound on his temple.


Four years later he had another unexplained encounter. He woke due to an uncomfortable feeling and saw that he was in an unfamiliar room, laying on a white bed. At the edge of it were seated 2 unknown naked women.

One of them – a tall blond with white skin and blue eyes – a Nordic, and the other – an Eastern type – with a dark complexion, dark-haired, with the same large eyes, except they were dark.

Suddenly, the blond woman jumped up, grabbed Peter’s head and placed it to her breasts. Panicking, he freed himself, but she grabbed him once more. Peter managed to bite her ear and she let him go.

Her appearance showed that she felt no pain, but rather, perplexity. Abruptly, he began coughing violently, and once this had passed, the women were gone.

However, a hair from the blond had been left over on Peter’s body. He decided to keep it, placing it in an airtight plastic bag.


Four years on, Peter was once more a victim of abduction. He became determined to seek the aid of a psychiatrist. Under deep hypnotic regression, he included details, which he otherwise did not remember.

Peter’s case became rather famous and he received an offer for the strand of hair to be examined, which he still kept for proof. After analysis in the lab, it became evident that it belonged to a being, which was very similar biologically to humans.

But according to the studies, the being belonged to an unusual anthropological species – an extremely rare Chinese-Mongoloid group, one of the most uncommon offshoots out of all known genealogies of man.

Analysis of the root of the hair showed that it had an extra type of DNA, illustrating similarities with Celtic offshoots.

These results suggest a connection with civilizations of ancient times, whose histories reveal accounts of the appearance of such types of people, who were perceived as gods. They could have shared their knowledge with us, and returned to the sky once again.