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The Deadliest Wars in Human History


War is as old as humanity itself. The oldest accounts of these types of conflicts are from 14 000 years ago. It's been proven that from the Neolithic until today there have always been armed conflicts in one part of the world or another. From small-scale tribal strife to the World Wars, the civilian population always suffers right along with the military, as it becomes the victim not only of direct fighting but also epidemics, diseases, famine, cruelty, genocides and more. Listed below are the deadliest wars in human history.

Dungan Revolt (8 million - 20.8 million people killed)

Six out of the ten deadliest wars in history have been waged in China. The 1st of these is the so-called Dungan Revolt. The conflict erupted between the Hui Muslim ethnic group in Eastern China and the Chinese population of that part of the country. The cause was argument over the pricing of bamboo poles.

The Conquest of America (12 million - 130 million people killed)

From Columbus first setting foot in America in 1492 until the crushing of the last resistance of the native inhabitants in 1691, there have been nonstop battles on both continents, which have taken the lives of a tremendous number of people.

The An Lushan Rebellion (13 million - 36 million people killed)

This conflict takes us back to China. The rebellion erupted in 752 against the Tang Dynasty. The great number of dead was unheard of at the time. The destruction was so severe that it took China 300 years to recover.

World War I (18 million people killed)

The causes of the first worldwide conflict are well-known. The fact is that after it the world was radically changed.

Taiping Rebellion (20 million - 30 million people killed)

The Taiping Rebellion (1850 - 1864) was a civil war in China fought against the Manchu-led Qing dynasty and aimed to create an independent country in the southern part of China.

Manchu Conquest of China (25 million people killed)

Also known as the Qing conquest of the Ming dynasty, this bloody conflict in the mid 17th century took the lives of 25 million Chinese.

Second Sino-Japanese War (25 million - 30 million people killed)

A year before World War II exploded, Japan invaded China. About 25 million civilians and 4 million military were killed.

The Three Kingdoms War (36 million - 40 million people killed)

Again in China, this war started in 220 and lasted an entire 60 years. It's considered one of the bloodiest periods in the history of the Asian country.

Mongolian Conquest (40 million - 70 million people killed)

Genghis Khan's attempt at world domination destroyed entire cities, countries, cultures and people. It began in the 13th century and the consequences of it were still evident until the beginning of the 20th century.

World War II (65 million - 80 million people killed)

World War II is undoubtedly the bloodiest conflict in human history. The atrocities and horrors that took place between 1939 and 1945 teach a lesson that all people must always remember.