Religion or Science - 2 Theories about Our Existence

Religion or Science - 2 Theories about Our Existence

Religion and science - 2 theories about life, explaining the existence of everything around us but using different methods and different principles. And it is these differences that spark arguments between them.



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God - The Gospel of Satan

The Gospel of Satan


The gospel of Satan does exist. The book which describes the blackest of all black magic is known by the name Grand Grimoire and The Red Dragon .

God - The Legend of the Zodiac Signs

The Legend of the Zodiac Signs


There exist several legends pertaining to the zodiac signs. One of these, an old tale, explains why representatives of a certain star sign possess certain qualities, while others do not.

God - Letter to God

Letter to God


Student from Israel made a website through which all the world can write letters to God. He will bring the letters to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and put them between the stones of the Western Wall.

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