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Virgin Mary predicted Chernobyl disaster

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary, Mother of God appears in the most difficult moments of history to warn us of danger and help us.

This was before the French Revolution, in the October coup in 1917. Her revelation in Russia opens, in 1986, a new era.

Virgin Mary

She appeared on thousands of witnesses in Grushevo, Ukraine, before the first year of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

In Russia, her revelations were raised by Bishop John who is believed to be prophetic. Mother of God spoke through his words and warned of impending nuclear disaster.

She predicted that people hold upon hoping for God's help. She told the bishop for the local people of Chernobyl to put her face at the base of each clock.

So when they look at it, pray from the heart and soul for their salvation. How many have heard him and met the charge of the Mother of God, is not clear.

But the fact is, that there are completely saved people who were at the center of the strongest radiation following a nuclear accident. Whether they were escaped, relying on God's help, only they can tell, and recall the "wise woman".

In Moscow are organized exhibitions of documents soldering Mother of God around the world.

The most famous oracles of God are his mother are in 1917. when the small Portuguese town of Fatima, the Virgin appeared to three shepherds in order to reveal important things about the world.

Four decades later appearances of the Virgin Mary have been recognized by Vatican as the Miracles of Fatima, and the town has become one of the most sacred places of worship.

Our Lady revealed to the shepherds key events of the twentieth century, including the end of World War I, beginning of Second World War, the emergence and collapse of communism ...

They say that one of the unsolved mysteries seven years ago was associated with the prediction of the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II in 1981.