How God Warns Us? (Parable)


A rich man decided to donate a large sum of money for the renovation of a small church. That same night, God appeared in his dream to thank him for the kind gesture. God promised to watch over him all his life and send him warnings when the man is on the wrong path and is close to death.

Believing in the meaning of the dream, the man gained great confidence and began to live life to the fullest, believing that God was protecting him from all evils. And so the years to passed and the man completely let loose.

His life was spent drinking until dawn. He did not deprive himself of anything and often ate way too much. Nothing was forbidden or dangerous for him, because he believed that if he was in trouble, God would warn him.

Meanwhile, the rich man's health deteriorated greatly. It became increasingly difficult for him to move. He became deaf and almost lost his sight. Despite everything, he does not want to turn his back on his weaknesses and vices. And so one evening God appeared to meet him in the afterlife.

At the sight of him, the rich man was shocked. He expected that he would receive warnings from God if he was in danger and now he went into this world so suddenly!

an outstretched hand of hope

- God, why didn't you warn me that I was in danger, as you promised? - asked the man on his deathbed;

- Through all the diseases that befell you, I sent you many warnings that you were going the wrong way. But you never paid attention to them and did not change your life. There is no going back now!

The illnesses and difficulties that befall us are a warning that we do not take good care of ourselves, but we rarely know how to read the signs and messages of God.