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Krishna - God of Justice


Krishna is one of the main gods of the Indian pantheon. He is also one of the most revered deities in modern India. The great celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami and Holi are organized in his honor, festivals that are associated with his birth day.

The Krishna system of learning originates from Hinduism. Its followers believe that each person must go through a series of consecutive lives, in order to free themselves from karma and break away from the vicious cycle of death and rebirth and achieve a merging with god.

Krishnaism was among the first attempts to popularize the philosophy of Hinduism among the masses. In it, the supreme "God" is impersonal and unknowable.

The followers of Krishna personalize god and actually worship and communicate with his personalized aspects, such as Krishna himself for example.

Followers of Krishna lead an isolated way of life, which often makes people believe that they are cultists.

Krishna God

They live in specialized abodes at their temple. Their lives are spent following exceptionally strict schedules, where the need for making any kind of decision is completely ousted.

Each day they get up at 3 AM and take a cool shower to wake up, then they carry out the ritual of clothing and feeding the "deities".

Next, they monotonously chant the Hare Krishna mantra with prayer beads and go out into the street where they fill the air with songs in celebration of Krishna.

The only authority for followers of Hare Krishna are the Hindu texts. According to them, the Bible and the Quran were convoluted over the centuries and their criticism is directed mainly at the Christian church because they believe they have hidden the truth, having erased the doctrine of rebirth from the texts.

One of the paradoxical facts in the studies of the followers of Krishna is that even though they consider eating food from animals a sin (similar to the commandment "thou shalt not kill"), they fully allow any type of killing, including the murder of a person, if Krishna orders it.