Letter to God

Letter to God

If you wonder why God does not hear your wishes, then there is already another way to share to your prayers.

A student from Israel has made a website through which all the world can write letters to God.

The male student gives reassurance the electronic prayer will be delivered.

Letter to God

'Once I receive the prayers from the people, I bring them to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and put them between the stones of the Western Wall', explains the student.

'The prayers are confidential and other users can not read them. People of the world may share their most inner feelings and dreams. It is my duty and mission to give the people what I have promised'. Said by another mailman Lord.

Jerusalem is the most holy place for Jews. Everyday millions of tourists from around the world leave pieces of paper with their prayers in the wall for God.

However, keep in mind that prayer is the surest way for God to hear you.

Notice: The Wailing Wall or the so called Western Wall represents the remains of the great Jewish temple, which had stood for close to 500 years. Herod began rebuilding and adding on to the temple in approximately 19 B.C.E., and the total work was not finished until fifty years later. The temple itself was destroyed by the Romans only a few years after its completion in circa 70 C.E.