Ancient Egyptian Myths

Egypt Pyramids

Every culture around the world has one or another myth associated with it. This also applies to Egypt. Ancient Egyptian civilization is very old and has undergone many changes over the past years. Its myths have different versions, different characters and locations, but the meaning of a story remains unchanged. This article lists the most famous ancient Egyptian myths.

History of creation

In the beginning there was nothing else in the world except chaos called Nong. Nong is created by the god of creation- Rah. He had the power to create and name all. He has trees, plants and animals. But he was lonely and so allied himself with his shadow and her son, named Shu, god of wind and daughter - Tefnut, goddess of rain. At first, Rah was separated from the children, but after some time they are united, whith joy of being together, Rah shed tears, which led to the creation of mankind. Rah ruled Egypt as the first pharaoh.

History of Nut and Geb

Meanwhile, to Shu and Tefnut were born two children-Nut, goddess of the sky and Geb, the god of the earth. Nut and Geb married without the permission of Rah, the god of creation. He became angry and asked their father, Shu to separate them. Therefore, heaven and earth separated. Rah protected Nut against pregnancy, since he learned that her son will take his place of Pharaoh. Nut, however accepted the help of the wise god Thoth and bore four children, Osiris, Seth, Isis and Neftis.

History of Osiris

Rah continued to manage the land of Egypt over the centuries. He had a secret name, which was not known to anyone. The other gods knew that, until you reveal his secret name, he will continue to rule Egypt. Isis, Osiris's wife, managed to reveal his secret, the name of power and so Rah was forced to leave the ground. He began to run the heavens and Osiris, the son of Nut, became the next pharaoh.

Luxor, Egypt

Death of Osiris

Osiris continued to rule Egypt, and taught mankind many things, from sowing seeds to making bread. Seth, the brother of Osiris, was jealous and jealous of the power, fame and attention Osiris attracted. He killed him, stuffed him in a casket, sealed it with lead and put it into the Nile which took it to the sea. As soon as Isis, Osiris's wife, found out about this, she began looking for the ark, because she thought, until properly buried, his soul can not find peace. Finally she found the coffin and returned it to Egypt. When Seth learned he crashed the coffin, chopped Osiris into pieces and scattered them in different directions. Isis, however, managed to find all parts and fulfill funeral rituals over all parts of his body. So, Osiris had the opportunity to transmit and to manage the lower world.

The rise of Horus

Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis. Osiris was cunningly killed by his brother, Seth, in order to get to the throne. To protect his power, Seth protected Isis from pregnancy, but she manages to hide her conception and birth to a child, Horus.

Horus grew up secretly and prepared to avenge the death of his father. He is strong, thanks to the spirit of Ra and Osiris, who guided him. He challenges Seth to a battle between the two. Horus was the winner, and became the next pharaoh of Egypt.