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Three-Eyed Calf-God Born in India

calf with 3 eyes

A calf with 3 eyes came into the world in India, causing tremendous euphoria among the locals. The animal, born 2 weeks ago, is regarded as a spiritual leader and worshiped like a true God.

The locals see the arrival of the little animal with a 3rd eye as a miracle, since its position closely resembles that of the 3rd eye of the Hindu god Shiva. In Hinduism, Shiva is considered to be one of the primary forms of God and the patron god of yoga and the arts. The owner of the cow and its calf feels very proud and happy because of the event. He is convinced that the 3-eyed calf was born in order to bring luck to the entire village.

The birth of the unusual creature in the village of Kolathur, South India, has become cause for people from all corners of the country, who want to personally witness the spectacle, to come to the village. Most of them are convinced that visiting the godly calf will bring them health and success. Excited, children touch the unique calf and think of a wish, hoping it will come true.

India is not the only country that can boast of having a calf with 3 eyes. A few months ago, a calf with a 3rd visual organ was born in the Bulgarian village of Vinište. Despite the strange mutation, the calf is completely healthy.

The owner saw the unusual opening in its head during its birth. Initially, he thought he had injured the animal but later discovered that he was actually looking at a 3rd eyelid. Later it became evident that all that was left of the pupil was a wart.

The veterinarian in the village of Vinište also confirmed that the calf was born with a 3rd eye.

Regardless of the fact that the eye had not developed and the animal could not see with it, this type of anomaly is very rarely witnessed, explain experts. They believe that the appearance of the 3rd eye could have been caused by the lack of diverse food, an impact from the environment or some type of rare changes in the genetic material.

And even though the calf named Boicho is not regarded as a god by the locals in Vinište, it too incited furor among them. People from the entire village and nearby populated areas come to pet the extraordinary calf for luck.