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Mother of God targets in French Cave

Mother of God targets in French Cave

During February 1858 Soubirou Bernadette heard a loud roar and saw the image of Virgin Mary; few people believed that this event would cause the French village Laurdes to be famous worldwide.

In subsequent years the village became a sacred place. In legend a miraculous Mary quickly spread by word of mouth. The cave Masabiela had an unexplained force that healed the sick.

The healing of a cancer patient that took over the right leg of Delitsiya who was born on the 16th November, 1964 in Sicily. Doctors recommended an amputation, but the girl's parents prayed to the Virgin Mary for Delitsiya in the cave of Laurdes where covenants went for worship.

At the beginning of the last century, Dr. Juraj Bertrand of the University of Paris issued the book "Critical events in the novel for Laurdes ", reviews and healing. The book abounds with such examples. Some are completely unbelievable, but there are authoritative confirmation of doctors that miracles really were going on.

On August 24, 1894 Miss Constantia Pikuet who suffered from breast cancer enters the cave in the miraculous water. Her companion Mrs. Mason, her friend and nurse helps the patient to move. Only a minute later, when Ms. Pikuet came out of the water, she felt no pain, no sickness and instead of swelling there was nothing.

Strange is the case with Yoakina Dehant, 29 year old Belgian, whose physician, Dr. Froydbise, diagnosis: sprain of the right hip joint, muscular atrophy and a boil, which covered two thirds of the right leg. Yoakina Laurdes went in and returned 13 days after and the doctor who found no trace of previous injury.