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The symbol of the winged sun

Nina NordNina Nord
Ancient Egypt

The winged sun is found in ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Hittite, Persia, South American and even Australia with much symbolism and many of its variations.

During the Victorian times, the image of the winged solar disk was gradually transformed into a Christian symbol that embodies the life-creating power of God.

It is believed that the winged sun disk is a time of eclipses, and sometimes appears as a winged bird, which depicts elements of the solar corona, which can be seen only during a total solar eclipse.

There is a version according to which the solar disk with wings is a mythical images of Nibiru, a heavenly body, which is described in the mythology of the ancient East.

Слънчево затъмнение

The winged sun disk is the sky, solar power, the resumption of life, but also a symbol of the divine, the splendor, power and eternity of the spirit.

In ancient Egypt, the image of the winged sun is associated with Ra and the sun gods, according to Egyptologists.

The winged solar disk was often depicted with two cobras. It is also believed that in some of the tombs, the image of the winged solar disc is a symbol of the goddess Ma'at - goddess of truth, justice, universal harmony, divine law and ethical standards.

Heavenly Mother Goddess Nehbet, one of the daughters of Ra, is depicted with a winged sun disk on her head. Also found are images of the winged solar disk of the ancient Egyptian god of the rising sun - god Hepri, which is linked to rebirth and new life.

In Summeria and Mesopotamia, the winged solar disk was a very powerful symbol and amulet that protects from enemies. It has been associated with the sun god Shamash and the High Assyrian god Asshur.