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I Literally Have No One, Help MeI Literally Have No One, Help Me
22 Oct.
again. I don't drink or smoke but if you're not one of the big smokers and big drinkers, girls won't even notice you and you won't find a true friend. I cook and take care of things at home so it's not messy. When my...
Ten Disasters That Can Wipe Out HumanityTen Disasters That Can Wipe Out Humanity
27 Mar.
such an event would be capable of causing a global volcanic winter. The scariest thing in this case is that despite all the advancements in technology, humanity can do nothing to prevent such a cataclysm. Artificial...
Can Hair be Used for Magic?Can Hair be Used for Magic?
27 Oct.
Human hair has always been a very powerful symbol in the world of magic. Hair can be used for many kinds of magic because it is thought that this part of the human body contains exceptionally important information and...
Blind people can see with their tongueBlind people can see with their tongue
24 Feb.
This is not a story of a sci-fi movie, but reality. The revolutionary technology that will allow a blind person to have their vision partially restored with the help of the nerve endings of the tongue, was developed by...
I can make things heat upI can make things heat up
10 June
I can make things heat up just by looking at them and make things shake by looking at them. When something really bad is about to happen I feel sick to my stomach all day until it happens what does this mean....
Ways We Can Help the PlanetWays We Can Help the Planet
14 May
, hairdryers or air conditioners, there are many other little things that can bring positive changes not only to your well-being but to that of the entire planet. A good start is to use bags that take no longer than 2 years...
Eight Discoveries Which Can Change your Life!Eight Discoveries Which Can Change your Life!
20 May
prostheses which an amputee can control with the power of their consciousness. Mobile sperm Nowadays, thanks to science, sterility is almost fully treatable. This is possible thanks to so-called "sperm taxis...
Nine Bad Habits That Can Kill usNine Bad Habits That Can Kill us
26 June
at which human activities can kill it. High blood sugar is considered a factor which dumbs us down. It has been stated that overeating, problems with learning, memory and depression are a result of the consumption...
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
Studies upon studies, conducted by scientists around the world, prove that our thoughts have great power. Negative thoughts can not only make us sick mentally, but physically as well, announces New Scientist magazine...
Napping in the Afternoon Can Kill usNapping in the Afternoon Can Kill us
13 May
sick and lead to a fatal outcome. Besides being able to lead to blood and lymph stagnation, regular lengthy afternoon naps decrease nighttime sleep duration and can even lead to the impossibility of such. This makes...
Little sleep and exhaustion lead to diabetesLittle sleep and exhaustion lead to diabetes
20 Feb.
diabetes probably because, the afternoon sleep compensates for an insufficient night sleep, which changes daily rhythm of the body. Another reason could be that the lack of a good night's rest leads to weight gain, which is...
Mutated gene makes us sleep lessMutated gene makes us sleep less
08 Feb.
showed a family in which mother and daughter slept only for 6 hours and other family members had normal sleep. Genetic testing of blood samples from all family members showed that only these two women are carriers of the...
Still not really clear why we sleepStill not really clear why we sleep
22 Jan.
For decades, scientists are trying to unravel the mechanism of sleep and still have not succeeded in clarifying this matter. According to the allegations of U.S. experts in sleep and, supported by their colleagues...
While we sleep, we scan information fieldsWhile we sleep, we scan information fields
08 Dec.
Housewives and pensioners are among those that believe dream can come true, so the British sociologists have established. However, even scientists agree that dreams which foretell events are not unheard of. Russian...
Feng Shui principles for good sleepFeng Shui principles for good sleep
13 Mar.
To sleep well, never locate your bed against a mirror. People, who sleep on this bed, can have health problems. The bed should be positioned so that the part on which the pillows fall faces the most favorable...

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