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Mars in Sagittarius! See How the Planet of Action will Affect you

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From January 26 to March 17, Mars, which in astrology accounts for actions, drive, aggression, competition, conflicts and decision making, will be moving through the most optimistic sign - Sagittarius.

During the Mars in Sagittarius period, feel free to set high goals, to follow your ideals, no matter how unattainable they may seem. Now is the time to lay out all of your greatest dreams and take steps toward their achievement.

Though we may face some setbacks, we'll be able to look philosophically at the situation and learn our lessons from our falls, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be attracted to adventures, travels, intellectual activities. And since Mars is the planet that determines sexual attraction, while it is in Sagittarius, we're going to see travelers and adventurers as attractive.

Our actions during this period are going to be impulsive and led by enthusiasm. Because of this we may overlook important details and not fulfill our goals in a quality manner.

Those born with the planet in this position tend to act with abandon, are easily worked up and take on several projects simultaneously but when their enthusiasm dissipates they leave their work unfinished.


With Mars in Sagittarius, freedom, experimentation and exploration of the people and the world around us is going to become priority. We're going to seek the hidden meaning behind words and actions.

The coming weeks are not going to be boring in the least, since both Mars and Sagittarius stand out with their recklessness and boldness when it comes to risk taking. We'll be defending our convictions with burning passion and aggressiveness.

Our positive mindset will be high during this period, while failures will seem like nothing more than a temporary setback. Those who are ready for changes and adventures need to be highly active.

Sagittarius reigns over higher education and our relations with foreigners, which is why we should consider meeting people abroad or enrolling in higher studies.

To find out in which aspects of life your actions will be more impulsive and loaded with enthusiasm, as well as which aspect you can improve if you have the drive, see which House begins with Sagittarius in your natal chart.