Indians Wed Frogs Together to Drive Away the Drought
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Indians Wed Frogs Together to Drive Away the Drought


Over 1000 people became witnesses to an unusual wedding between 2 frogs, reports the newspaper Daily Express. The wedding ceremony between the 2 amphibians lasted for 6 hours, and all of the attending guests were from a number of villages in the Indian state of Assam.

For the event, both frogs were dressed in special wedding apparel and all guests were served the proper treats, as is done on such occasions.

The wedding took place in the city of Dibrugarh and after the ceremony concluded, the newlyweds were released to enjoy their family life, as well as to carry the Indians' message to the gods.

The marriage, which was organized by the locals, aims to precipitate rainfall - the locals believe that this ritual with the frogs will help them and bring an end to the drought in the region.

Ranjan Das, from city management in Dibrugarh, shares that so far this year rains have been scarce and that this bizarre wedding is an attempt by the locals to appease the gods.

Greek frog
Image: Stoyan Petkov

The ceremony begins with the capturing of a male and female frog - both amphibians are from different villages. According to Indian beliefs, the gods will show mercy upon the locals only and if the 2 frogs are not from the same village.

The Indian ritual may appear to be unusual to say the least, but according to the Daily Express newspaper, it is also effective because after the unique wedding, rain actually fell.

Indian wedding rituals are exceptionally curious but they are not the only ones to spark huge interest. There exists an ancient Indian legend, according to which, a man that was bitten by a cobra died.

Then, his wife prayed to a goddess called Mansa Devi. She brought the man back to life and for this reason there is a tradition in India, according to which all followers of Mansa Devi from the village of Mahulia Sol allow themselves to be bitten by cobras.

Before that however, the people bathe in water containing herbs. It is claimed that these herbs actually protect against the snake's venom.