What Type of Mother you are According to your Zodiac Sign
Каква майка си според зодиакалния знак
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What Type of Mother you are According to your Zodiac Sign

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Your zodiac sign can be an indicator of many things, even the type of mother you are/will be. Here is what lies embedded in your sign:

Aries - An Aries mother is the perfect mother. She is ready to do anything to satisfy the needs of her child. She transforms into the best parent in the world without a problem;

Taurus - The Taurus mother is the most attached parent on this Earth. She loves hugging and kissing her children, even if they have such of their own;

Gemini - The Gemini mother is the most democratic, she aims to educate her children in all fields. Her home is filled with books and educational games. Usually, her children are taught self-reliance while still very young, which helps them significantly in the future;

Cancer - A Cancer mother is one of the most calm and caring parents. But if talking about her child, she turns into a bear protecting her cub. Exceptionally sentimental, she scrutinizes even the smallest details;

Leo - A mother belonging to the zodiac sign of Leo is extraordinarily ambitious. She motivates her children, loves them greatly and teaches them the dignity and self-confidence with which they can grow in the future. In addition, she treats them like adults so that they feel respected and valued;

Virgo - The Virgo mother does not show her gentle side every single moment but compensates with her sense of humor. She bets on the mental development of her progeny;

Mother and daughter

Libra - A Libra is among the most loving mothers. She erupts quite often, mostly due to her innate sense of justice. Afterwards, however, she skillfully compensates for her behavior;

Scorpio - Without a doubt, the Scorpio mother has the most potent inborn intuition. She always knows what her child has need of and when it is lying. She will meet his needs and protect him by any means necessary;

Sagittarius - The queen of schedules and games. A Sagittarius mother does everything according to a strict set of guidelines - sleep, showers, meal times, even games. That is how she teaches her kids responsibility;

Capricorn - On the outside, the Capricorn mother appears cold. Deep within however, she knows that her child is the center of her universe. She makes certain every action of hers complies with his happiness. She is strict and demanding, requiring order and obedience;

Aquarius - Any mother happening to be an Aquarius star sign is an exceptionally freedom-loving spirit. Along with her kids, she constantly tries new things, genuinely encouraging their curiosity. In this way she loads their childhood with an inexhaustible optimism and adventures;

Pisces - She is, hands-down, the most responsible mother. At times, the sacrifices she makes for her children are more than what is necessary. She takes care of them flawlessly in every regard. Their happiness is of the utmost importance in her life.