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The Members of This Russian Family are the Most Sinister Cannibals you`ve Ever Heard of

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Who would have thought that the fictional Hannibal Lecter would pale in comparison to the evil of real-life cannibals? With their horrifying crimes, a Russian family from the city of Krasnodar has transcended the worst that any sane person could imagine.

The cannibal couple was recently arrested by authorities in Russia and have been charged with over 30 murders. They have been accused of not only stalking and killing their victims but cutting them into pieces to eat them.

Currently, only 7 of the murder victims have been identified, whose remains were found stored in the cannibals' refrigerator. They showed police the jars of human remains after being pressured by them.

Human Remains
Image: bloknot-krasnodar

Even though they have admitted to only 7 of the murders, investigators believe that they have been responsible for many more, stating that 30 persons in the area have gone missing without a trace.

The Russian couple's first murder and eating of the victim occurred in 1999, when they abducted a women and dismembered her body.

It wasn't until September of this year that they faced accusations. The man was questioned first and finally the police managed to get a confession, with the cannibal even leading them to a bucket containing the remains of a woman he had recently murdered.

Over the course of the investigation, the 2 cannibals' cell phones were also seized, while the photos within managed to repulse even the most seasoned investigators. In the photos, the man in question was seen posing with various body parts of a killed and chopped up woman.

Initially, he denied the murder, stating that he had found the body accidentally and had taken several pictures with it but the evidence against him eventually began to pile up.

The investigation of the family is not yet over but police have stated that the more they investigate them, the more horrendous details they discover.