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Find out the Type of Arguer you are with This Test

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Every person has a prepared reaction to just about everything that could ever happen to them. Throughout the majority of our day-to-day lives, we react subconsciously. But sometimes not everyone understands us correctly.

Whenever we feel misunderstood, it's time to stop and think. It's always good to know ourselves and be clear about who we are in reality. But if you're finding that difficult to do, tests like these can help.

The answer you provide will show you how you really react when you're in an argument. Pick 1 of the 4 possible answers to the question and you'll be surprised to see how accurate it describes you in tense situations.

If it suddenly starts raining unexpectedly, what is your typical reaction? :

1. You find a tree or other cover and wait under it until the rain stops.

2. You continue walking toward your destination because you don't know how long it's going to keep raining and don't have time to wait for it to stop.


3. You look around to see if there's anyone nearby that will take you under their umbrella or for a store where you can buy an umbrella.

4. Unexpected rain isn't a problem for you - you always have a portable umbrella with you.

The rain in this test is a symbol of the uncontrollable and unpredictable forces that operate in life. The choice of one of the possible answers will show the kind of reaction you're prone to when you're taking one side of an argument. See what each of the answers symbolizes.

1. You wait for the storm to pass

You prefer to wait until the person across from you calms down before you lay out your point of view. You let them scream and let off steam and only then do you calmly and objectively organize your counterargument. You see your approach as the wise one, although some would call you a coward.


2. You're always right

You're not particularly interested in the end result of the argument. The only important thing for you at this time is to openly state your opinion, while being absolutely convinced that you're right. Compromise is one of the things that are unfamiliar to you. If the person across from you is mad at you, you get mad at them even more. If they yell, you yell. Arguing can be a fun pastime for you and the person across from you may easily realize that you're not going to budge an inch from your position.

3. Arguing is what you hate most

The one thing you hate most in life is arguing. Your aim to immediately smooth things out and calm the other person when an argument erupts is enviable. Sometimes this means completely agreeing with them. At other times, however, you can worsen things severely. Learn to stand up for your view and take a hard stance at least once. Don't worry - you'll survive the storm.

4. You have an answer for everything

You have an answer for everything and an adequate explanation for any situation that arises. For you, argument is nothing more than a way to improve your oratory skills. To others though, your position often seems slippery, disappointing and insincere. But even for it, you can provide a serious and fact-filled excuse.