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The Zodiac Signs and Their HealthThe Zodiac Signs and Their Health
11 Mar.
Representatives of the different zodiac signs are vulnerable to different types of diseases. For example, Aries is quick to recover after being sick but often suffers from neuralgia and psychological problems...
The Ming Dynasty - Rise and FallThe Ming Dynasty - Rise and Fall
13 Jan.
during the 16th century. China became part of the new global economy that traded wares, animals and crops, collectively called the Columbian Exchange. Since the very foundation of the Ming dynasty's power, the...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BrownSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Brown
07 May
Every color has its own specific meaning and influence. This is why people react differently to the different colors. The color brown is often seen as boring and bourgeoisie. This perhaps lies behind the fact that...
Alexander the Great and ancient EgyptAlexander the Great and ancient Egypt
29 Nov.
After a series of savage defeats Alexander the Great was ready to go against ancient Egypt: one of the greatest empires known to the world. Egyptian pharaohs were considered gods on earth and massive pyramids, temples...
Childhood and success of Alexander the GreatChildhood and success of Alexander the Great
24 Nov.
Alexander the Great is one of the most extraordinary and mysterious warriors of all time. Thirty Years of age, he drove one of the largest empires of the world. Of the olive groves of Greece to dusty palaces of India...
Mythology: The Rise and Fall of BabylonMythology: The Rise and Fall of Babylon
13 Oct.
Babylon is the oldest city in the world. It is away from Euphrates River and at that time was an important city of Draper. It is also becoming a center for commercial trade between the East and West, with traders...
Myths, Legends and Facts about the MoonMyths, Legends and Facts about the Moon
12 Sept.
Not all stories about the moon are false. Most myths and legends contain some truth in themselves which fulfill the time during which they are created. Here the following are some of the most famous myths and legends...
Stonehenge and the 47 Lunar MonthsStonehenge and the 47 Lunar Months
05 Aug.
Stonehenge was built more than 3, 500 years ago and it is said to have been used for predicting lunar eclipses. Sharon Challener discovered a pattern in the horseshoe shape row of vertical columns after researching...
The Rise and Fall of CaligulaThe Rise and Fall of Caligula
25 Mar.
murderer of his parents. After Tiberius's death, it was finally Caligula who took the throne. The 1st few months of his rule were very successful. He came to power amidst general happiness and approval. Caligula was...
The Rise and Fall of NeroThe Rise and Fall of Nero
19 Mar.
The Emperor Nero, 5th ruler of the Roman Empire is famous for being in power when Rome, the largest and most prosperous city in the world at the time, was burned to the ground. His rule is characterized by murders...
Who are the Good and Evil Spirits?Who are the Good and Evil Spirits?
23 Oct.
tricked. The form which the spirit or ghost presents themselves in is not a reflection of their overall inner power. Listen to their words, remember that any deviation from reason and logic would mean that the spirit is...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color OrangeSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Orange
11 June
The color orange, one of the most favored in the color spectrum, is a bright symbol of warmth and pure energy. It embodies the complete balance between consciousness and libido. Orange represents self-confidence...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color WhiteSymbolism and Meaning of the Color White
17 Aug.
In the majority of people the color white induces a feeling of ease and quiet, coolness and light. This is the color of sincerity, the ideal, imagination and dreams, a symbol of truth and innocence. What's...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BlackSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Black
07 July
The colors we come across daily in nature, interior or clothes speak to us in a secret language that only our intuition can accurately define. Each nuance carries its own power and symbolism, which is also the...
Dreams of Hell and the AbyssDreams of Hell and the Abyss
31 Oct.
that brief complications are awaiting you in your love life, which will quickly pass. If you enter hell and get the feeling that you're not going to be getting out of there anytime soon, this portends of an unexpected...

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