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The Tesla Powerwall Battery - the Energy of the FutureThe Tesla Powerwall Battery - the Energy of the Future
12 May
Ever more people are charging part of their household appliances through energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines but they were always faced with one big problem - how to store energy created by the sun and wind...
How Do I Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?How Do I Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?
25 Nov.
We've all had instances where we've been bombarded by negative thoughts that take over our conscious and torment us. Whatever the reasons for these negative thoughts, don't let them plague you for too long....
Energy VampiresEnergy Vampires
29 June
Energy vampires with low intellectual level, are very assertive and show their arrogance to strangers. Passive energy vampires tend to cause regret in you....
How the Great Caravaggio DiedHow the Great Caravaggio Died
21 Sept.
The physical settings he painted, however, were well combined with dramatic lighting, known as Tenebrism....
How Old is the Universe?How Old is the Universe?
29 Sept.
The margin of error is plus-minus 120 million years, which is within the permissible range....
Fire colors loaded with passion and energyFire colors loaded with passion and energy
12 Jan.
If you see on the beach or anywhere else a pebble that just makes you take it with you, do not hesitate and take it home. It will charge you with positive energy and will take the negative away....
Energy in skinsEnergy in skins
10 Jan.
The skins of different animals have different energy. For example, skin with long hair like a fox, or a raccoon in Canada, have a very powerful energy charge....
How Homer Decribed the Thracians in the IlliadHow Homer Decribed the Thracians in the Illiad
06 Apr.
Their army, which came to aid a besieged Troy, was beyond measure. The warriors came by fearsome chariots....
How Galileo Changed the View of the UniverseHow Galileo Changed the View of the Universe
26 Feb.
He also proved with calculation and further observation that they literally revolved around Jupiter....
How to welcome the Year of the TigerHow to welcome the Year of the Tiger
15 Feb.
All sorts of meats should be served at mass, with soya pieces which act as a substitute for vegetarians. The meat is to be prepared on the grill with a colorful side dishes of vegetables....
How the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife CrisisHow the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife Crisis
09 Mar.
Libras continue to doubt and delve within, falling into euphoria, then paranoia and the cycle repeats. This can't be treated....
How Large are the Egyptian Pyramids?How Large are the Egyptian Pyramids?
24 Nov.
Upon its completion it was decorated with pink granite, which is no longer present today....
How the Different Zodiac Signs AgeHow the Different Zodiac Signs Age
16 Feb.
Their cheerful spirit maintains their youthful energy even when they hit old age. Taurus....
How the Various Zodiac Signs FlirtHow the Various Zodiac Signs Flirt
08 May
Aquarius Aquarians will ask you to go out with them and their friends because they are really important to them. If they refuse to go out with you because they have to meet up with their friends - get away....
How do the Fire Signs Flirt?How do the Fire Signs Flirt?
06 Nov.
If it doesn't end with fun in the bedroom, they lose interest....

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