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How to Recognize the Aliens Living Among us


Besides humans and animals, there are also many other types of beings living on our planet that weren't born here. Examples are the mysterious beings that clairvoyant Doreen Virtue calls "star people".

They have been tasked with special missions and have supernatural abilities. But they don't differ much on the outside from a regular person. Still, these extraterrestrials do possess some traits that we can use to identify them.

For example, a small figure and slim physique, as well as fine bones, can hint at the alien origin of a seemingly average person, Virtue says.

Virtue explains that the shape of a person's eyes can also reveal whether they are more special. She clarifies that the star people she's met had almond-shaped eyes, with their edges pointing down.

Another sign by which these unusual beings can be recognized is their neglected appearance. To avoid being eye-catching, they don't wear any flashy or extravagant clothes. Usually they look completely average and no one would suspect what lies beneath their nondescript appearance.

The behavior of these types of people is also a bit more peculiar. They are exceptionally good, loving and devoted. Since their mission is to help humans, you can often see them doing good deeds, without asking for anything in return.

Additionally, star people have no ambitions to get ahead in society, so they're never any influential public figures. But they try to be around as many people as possible in order to support them when they have need of help. As you might guess, these beings loathe deception, violence and drama. That's why they don't get involved in that kind of squalor.

You can also recognize these extraterrestrials by their fundamentally different world view. According to Doreen Virtue, they don't feel the need to build traditional relationships. Often they don't get married or have any children. They do not understand certain generally accepted norms and don't even bother following them.