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How to Make the World a Better Place? (Parable)

How to Make the World a Better Place? (Parable)

Many millennia ago in a distant forest lived a capricious chief of a tribe. He was very delicate and wherever he stepped with his bare feet, he felt discomfort. Very quickly he started hated walking in the forest, because his feet kept hurting.

Gloomy and dissatisfied with life, he ordered that all the paths in the forest needed to covered with the skins of wild animals, so that it would be soft and pleasant for him wherever he stepped.

However, the chief's favorite adviser found another solution. The wise man immediately assumed that it would be difficult and expensive to find that much skin to cover the forest with. Therefore, he offered the chief something much easier - to wrap his legs with two small pieces of leather.

This small change turned out to be a big step for the chief of the tribe. After covering his feet, he no longer felt discomfort while walking in the forest. Suddenly the world for him became different, beautiful and pleasant. At last his life changed and became better.

The parable reminds us that there are often things around us that irritate us. However, a small change in ourselves can make us see the world in a different way. Only this way the world can become better.