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How to postpone the date of your death

How to postpone the date of your death

None of us knows the exact date of their death. Oh, mistake! There is at least one person on earth who can certainly say in which day will break the earthly path of every individual of this planet.

This is the Russian Igor Cream, psychotherapist, who claims that he is capable of magic.

Cream got the big prize of the International Academy of transcendental phenomena to the UN for his achievements in the reprogramming of the date of death.

According to the theory of the Russian, the human body is heavy-duty computer. It works thanks to the extremely complex software, but it appears date of death.

However, it is subject to change. "The year, day and time when a person should die, really subject to change. But this is to handle an experienced professional knows where to fork "and what to do", said the Russian academician, quoted by the newspaper Telegraph.

He also argued that "stirring" it speaks. But does this after a long conversation with people involved in the experiment.

Subjected him to deep hypnosis and subconscious mind directs him in the axis of time. Originally rankle out past the man back the years back in time while reach childhood.

During his journey into the past experiences of man, Igor made a smooth transition back to back, until he came again to the present. And then began the study of the future in which the hypnotist discovers date, month and year of death.

"Some people" see "even the reason for future resettlement in the afterlife. Pressurize their own willingness to work to postpone death, " the Russian scientist explains that developing methods for reprogramming of death for 20 years.

"I know when I was meant to die and I took steps to make it much later than the date specified by the Lord, " said Igor.



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26.12.2012 12:18
I want to know if its normal or abnormal with the incident that i faced while my mom got small attack twice but returned back to life after hearing my voice of calling her back.