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How to welcome the year of the Water Dragon

How to welcome the year of the Water Dragon

When you welcome the New Year, keep in mind that 2012 will pass under the sign of the water dragon. Because of this, everything relating to water will bring you luck in the New Year.

Shiny foil strips on your christmas tree representing rain are very suitable as rain embodies the element of the water dragon. Floating water candles are the perfect decoration for New Year's Eve.

This is a unique combination that combines water and fire. Put on the table a wide transparent bowl or dish, pour water into it, put in floating candles and ignite them.

This New Year decoration not only looks beautiful and romantic but will also be accepted favorably by the patron of 2012. Every day, until 23 January inclusive, do this ritual as the New Year occurs on that date according to the Chinese horoscope.

The Water Dragon will be happy and celebrate the New Year if you decorate in nautical style. Decorate your rooms and holiday table with sea shells, pieces of various marine animals, fish and of course, dragons.

If you stick to this style, the cloth must be a combination of blue and white. The tree you can decorate with white and blue balls, which are reminiscent of sea waves.

As the homeland of the dragon is the East, you can customize your holiday decor with typical for this part of the world bright colors - red, yellow, green.

Use decorations in the form of a dragon. You can make a big red or blue dragon of paper and hang it prominently in the room. Decorate the Christmas tree with a red Chinese torch.

As the dragon likes anything shiny, you can customize the home and the tree in silver and gold, using very shiny sequins and details.