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How to Peer Into the Future Using Coins


There's a very easy way to predict the future using coins. But before you follow through with this method, there are several important rules you must consider. Your prediction will only be accurate if you follow them.

To perform the coin ritual you need 4 of the same type of coin, the value doesn't matter. What's important is for the coins not to be used on a daily basis and not be touched by anyone other than you.

Once you've picked suitable coins and are ready to perform the ritual, wash them with salted water (1 tbsp salt per 4 1/5 cups (1 L) water), dry them with a clean towel and put them away in a box in a quiet and dark place, away from the curious eyes of others.

Now you're ready to pick the day during which you'll actually be performing the ritual of predicting the future.

Business Woman

It's best if it's on a day that doesn't coincide with a church holiday or full moon. Also avoid prophesying if the weather is bad - i.e. if there's strong winds blowing, if it's raining or snowing.

It's also important that you're feeling completely calm and healthy yourself. If you're worried about something or are sick, it would be better to leave the coin ritual for another day.

Another crucial detail to keep in mind is that there must not be other people with you in the room while you're performing the ritual. If you absolutely insist on having some company present, make sure they're not people who don't believe magic. If they have a skeptical mindset toward the ritual, it is not going to yield realistic answers to your questions.

When it comes to pets, their being present in the room is not an issue. In fact, if you have a cat around you, the coin prediction will be even more accurate.

Once you've met all of the necessary requirements for the ritual, you can finally begin. Place 2 coins in each of your hands and focus your thoughts on those aspects of your life that you're most curious about. Hold them for about 1-2 min., then throw them.

Depending on the combinations of the way they land, you'll find out what you can expect in the future. Find out their meaning below.

1 heads and 3 tails


A difficult challenge lies before you. An obstacle concerning your personal life will appear. But don't let the tribulations frighten you. If you retain your self-composure, everything will work out. In the meantime, you may find yourself in a new romance.

2 heads and 2 tails

You're going to turn a new page in life. You're going to part with something old and engage in an adventure that'll be unlike anything you've ever tried so far. This could be either a new hobby, job or relationship. Don't fear what is different - dive headfirst and take risks.

3 heads and 1 tails

You're going to find aid from a person whom you've always considered quite distant. With their favor you'll succeed in achieving your goals and the desired happiness. Further, many new unexpected opportunities are going to open before you. New business ventures are also possible.

4 tails

Be careful. You risk performing reckless actions that will bring you nothing but suffering later on. The risk of becoming involved in an unhealthy relationship grows and you may find your heart broken subsequently. There's also a danger of you signing a contract that will prove detrimental to your business.

4 heads

Peaceful and harmonious days await you. You're going to quickly resolve your problems and enjoy beneficial contacts and ventures. If your health has been suffering over the past few months, it's going stabilize now. If you and your partner have broken up, you're going to find the way to each other once again.