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The Most Curious Facts about AnimalsThe Most Curious Facts about Animals
20 June
Scorpions are the only animals who commit suicide purposefully....
Minerals That Can KillMinerals That Can Kill
10 Mar.
The copper from this mineral is water soluble and can kill a plant, animal or even a human. This mineral weakens vitality and then the inner organs stop working. Coloradoite is a mineral found in magma....
Delmar's Circle Predicts Future EventsDelmar's Circle Predicts Future Events
07 Dec.
Legends speak of the circle created by French astrologer Michelle Delmar, said to be able to predict the future....
See What the Stars Predict Today - November 25See What the Stars Predict Today - November 25
25 Nov.
Perhaps you also have to consider your way of eating, maybe even briefly excluding foods of animal origin from your diet....
The Lake Which Turns Animals to StoneThe Lake Which Turns Animals to Stone
08 Aug.
The petrified animals look as if they came straight out of a horror movie....
Crows Can Actually Recognize DeathCrows Can Actually Recognize Death
14 May
The experts measured the brain activity of the feathered animals while showing them dead birds....
Your Subconscious can cure youYour Subconscious can cure you
08 Jan.
Shamans are always associated with ritual dancing into a trance and treatment of incurable diseases. Many times, these healers claim that they constantly make trips to other worlds, to be loaded with a special energy....
Who Can Solve Einstein's Riddle?Who Can Solve Einstein's Riddle?
09 Oct.
A logic puzzle, whose author is said to be the great Albert Einstein, can reveal whether you have exceptional intelligence and insight. Only 2% of the world's population are able to solve it. If you want to find out...
What the Stars Predict about you Today - February 18What the Stars Predict about you Today - February 18
18 Feb.
Woe to all those who were hoping that today would be a nice and pleasant day. The aspect between the planets is tense today because Pluto and Uranus form a square, and this usually foreshadows revolutions and an increased...
Animals to Help Man Set Foot on MarsAnimals to Help Man Set Foot on Mars
13 Jan.
During their research, scientists made another surprising discovery - the ratio of the number of hairs to the size of the animal can differ by over 100 times in some animals....
If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!
28 Nov.
If you dream of this animal, you're going to have a new heartthrob in your life but your relations won't be long-lasting. Dreams in which sheep appear usually predict good days ahead for you and your family....
How animals sense danger and save their ownersHow animals sense danger and save their owners
22 Sept.
Often times, animals inexplicably feel the danger that hangs over their owners and try to warn and protect them....
Scientist Predicts Human Extinction in 100 yearsScientist Predicts Human Extinction in 100 years
19 Oct.
Along with people, however, other animal species will also go extinct. According to Fenner, there's nothing to be done at this point to prevent this fatal prognosis....
A Clairvoyant Predicts the Future Using ChessA Clairvoyant Predicts the Future Using Chess
12 Nov.
A Thai clairvoyant can predict the future using the game of chess. The self-taught wise woman Ajarn Nong claims that the moves we make during chess indicate what awaits us in the future....
Ways We Can Help the PlanetWays We Can Help the Planet
14 May
The Earth is vitally important for our lives. To live in accordance with the principles of ecology is difficult but by no means impossible. Even if we can't imagine our daily lives without washing machines, hairdryers...

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