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What Astrology Predicts Until the End of February


This Monday, the full moon starts to shine in Leo, and the Sun and Neptune form a harmonious conjunction in Pisces until Sunday, which will bring to the fore even your most well-kept desires.

Aries - Others nearby will be against you

You'll be frequently facing the opposition of others, no matter if we're talking about work or your personal relationships. Don't be aggressive, instead channel your energy into your projects, without paying any attention to the hurtful comments aimed at you. Focus on your own desires and if you feel overly tense, seek out your partner for support or exercise more.

Taurus - Follow your creativity

If you work in a creative field, this week you will reap great successes. But even if you have a different type of profession, awaken your creative side by using your fantasy to create something with your bare hands. Try to be more tolerant in your communication and avoid intense arguments at all costs. Agreed to compromise and the days until February 28 will be quite peaceful.


Gemini - Conflicts ahead

You won't be able to hide your feelings this week. Even if you try to conceal your dissatisfaction with certain people, it'll be difficult for you to accomplish this. There's no way to avoid the conflicts this week. Don't give in to your emotions, instead rely on your common sense to solve the problems as painlessly as possible.

Cancer - Follow your ideas and intuition

Follow each and every one of your ideas this week because they'll be beneficial to you. Be bolder, even if you have to do something extravagant and nontypical for you. Your intuition and impulses this week will show you the right path, even if they seem stupid at the beginning. Your love life will also be more exciting this week; you can expect many novelties.

Leo - A torrent of ideas will flood you this week

This week you'll be a real generator of new ideas. Start something new and include more people in your plans. All creative projects until the end of February will be successful, as long as you follow your emotions and intuition. Active communication will also be of benefit to your tasks, so don't end up without support. You can be the leader of the group and impose your views.


Virgo - Get rid of whatever's holding you back

Organize your obligations better this week because chaos will cause you huge problems. Your friends will gladly lend you a hand if you seek their help. In the days leading up to the end of February, you need to put an end to everything that's holding you back, even if it is a love relationship. This week, singles will meet a new love.

Libra - Have fun with friends and work less

This week is ideal for more fun and hanging out with friends. Organize parties, go to the movies, drama theater or call loved ones more often because this will charge you with energy and a good mood. Avoid serious obligations until the end of the moth, as it will be harder for you to tell the difference between the truth and fabrication and you may be mislead.

Scorpio - Don't be too authoritative

Set high and ambitious goals for yourself from the very beginning of the week and realize them as soon as possible. Don't be too authoritative and don't seek to control others at all costs because this will provoke conflicts. You'll meet many new people this week and some of them may even spark your romantic interest. But don't rush by any means because you might be fooling yourself.

Sagittarius - A tough week at work

This week won't be a smooth one, especially in the emotional aspect. It'll be difficult for you to remain stable and even more difficult for you to hide your opinions about some people. But no matter how worried you might be about failure, take the risks and boldly defend the projects you're working on. After the hard week at work, you can spoil yourself with a trip to bring back your cheerful mood.

Capricorn - You'll be criticized at work

You'll have to be more patient with the people around you this week. It won't be easy to listen to criticisms and disapprovals but redundant arguments and conflicts won't get you anywhere. Mind the details in your work and if you're feeling way too tense, seek out friends with whom you can share your worries.


Aquarius - Misunderstandings with friends to come

It'll be hard for you to maintain your peaceful relations with the people around you this week. Even though you have an outgoing character, your communication with others won't flow smoothly since your viewpoints won't match. But don't let this temporary misunderstanding affect your friendships. You can take up more creative projects this week because your imagination will be working at full capacity.

Pisces - Expect changes

Start something new this week - it can be related to your work or a new romantic relationship. But you need to be more initiative for changes and follow your intuition. You'll come face-to-face with the disapproval of others at work more often but don't make a huge drama out of every criticism.