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160 animals killed because the Bible of the Devil

160 animals killed because the Bible of the Devil

Codex Gigas or Bible of Devil is the largest medieval manuscript preserved until today.

Th Legend Devil book came from the 15th century, until today it is stated that the transgressions is the work of the monk. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in a small cell of the Podlazhitse monastery, situated in the heart of today's Czech Republic.

160 animals killed because the Bible of the Devil

To simplify his sin, the monk said that one night he would write the book, which will gather all the knowledge of mankind.

Realizing however, that his promise is disproportionate to the implementation of the monk it is sold to Diablo. He had consumed the manuscript, and to thank him the monk painted his image on one of the pages of the Devil's Bible.

For its construction there were 160 cows killed, the skin of the cows is gathered to make the entire contents of the book measuring 92 cm long, 50 cm wide and 22 cm thick.

Codex Gigas weighs almost 75 pounds and to be raised requires at least two people.

The intervention of the devil writing the book in one night are within the legends. Experts has proven that the Bible is written with ink from crushed insects and from one single person. It is believed that he had needed 30 years without interruption to complete the book.

Historians believe that the author was a hermit monk, who redeemed his sins, writing in fat volume.

The Codex Gigas in comparison is the Bible of the Devil precisely because of the huge 50cm portrait of the devil on page 290. Most likely however, the author seeks to compare the good and evil, because on the opposite page has been drawn a paradise city.

Codex Gigas contains the Latin translation of the Bible by St. Jerome. Blessed with the exception of the books "Acts of the Apostles" and "Book of Revelation". The Code has also found various treatises devoted to the history, etymology and physiology, magic formulas and exorcism of spells ...


For the first time Codex Gigas was mentioned in 1229. Later the code was transferred to the monastery Tsistertsianskiya, and Sedlek who sells it to a monastery in Benedektinskiya Brzhevnov. In the period of 1477 to 1593 the Devil's Bible was stored in the library of the monastery in Broumov and in the year of 1594, was referred to Prague as part of the collection of the Emperor Rudolf II.

At the end of the Thirty Years War in the year of 1648, a collection of Rudolf II was stolen from the Swedish soldiers and was taken to Sweden as war booty. In the year of 1649, a manuscript falls within the Royal Library in Stockholm, where it is stored until today.

In 2007, after more than 300 years Codex Gigas was again returned to Prague, where for one year was displayed in the Czech National Library.