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How animals sense danger and save their owners

How animals sense danger and save their owners

Often times, animals inexplicably feel the danger that hangs over their owners and try to warn and protect them. When it comes to earthquakes or fires, it is understandable, because the animals have developed sensors that sense the coming earthquake or smell the smoke.

There are many cases where pet dogs or cats wake their owners when a fire started in the house at night. But many pet’s psychic gifts include directly and clearly understanding that something is wrong with their owners.

American Thomas Owen knew a friend who had gotten a private jet to make a weekend trip. When he went out of his house, his cocker stood in his way to the door, and when Tom tried to open it, he began to growl and prevented his master from going.

After suffering a bitten leg, Tom finally refused to travel with plane. The next day it came out that that the plane had a collision and fell into the mountains and Tom’s friend died.

In France, a dog that lived on the street, but was regularly fed by the owners of an old house, stood at the door and began to howl in horrible ways. Finally, many came out to see what was happening and then two seconds later, the walls collapsed.

In Moscow, a German Shepherd sacrificed his life to save his owner and her five year old daughter. They led out the dog for a walk in the dark and then suddenly jumped forward and bit a loose cable that hung exactly where the child would have passed. The dog soon died from the shock that would have befallen the child.

Often, an animal rescues small children. In Germany, a cat rescued a baby that was thrown out in the cold in the winter dark. The cat lay on the baby and started meowing so loud that it attracted the attention of sleeping people who called the police to collect the child.