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A Clairvoyant Predicts the Future Using Chess

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Chess fortunetelling

A Thai clairvoyant can predict the future using the game of chess.

The self-taught wise woman Ajarn Nong claims that the moves we make during chess indicate what awaits us in the future.

During the divination, people must choose five chess pieces and lay them out in random places along the chessboard.

Each chess piece has its own specific meaning.

The pawn is a symbol of Venus - femininity, tenderness, altruism and openness.


The knight embodied the Earth - a love of hard work and deception.

The king is the symbol of Jupiter - coldness, rational thought and calculation.

The is a sign of Saturn - passion and impulsiveness.

A single session with the wise woman costs between $30 and $50, and there is an option for a yearly subscription, costing $200.

The interesting thing is that Ajarn does not know the rules of chess and cannot play it. The Thai woman has her own astrological show.

She claims that her method of divination is as accurate as that of other soothsayers, who use methods such as tarot cards, coffee, beans, sugar and others.

The esoteric career of the clairvoyant began when she broke up with her husband. She was pregnant but gave birth prematurely and the baby did not survive.

Then she began work with a famous Thai soothsayer as her PR assistant.

It was in fact her employer that suggested that she start work as a clairvoyant.

Cards and Tarot

She took up the pseudonym "Ajarn Nong" and completely denied her birth name Amunnata, after learning the subtleties of clairvoyance.

She turned to chess as a method of predicting the future after noticing how much people concentrated their thoughts over the chessboard.

Ajarn Nong began working on new fortune-telling method based on the position of the stars in Thai astrology, personal horoscopes of the person, cards and Feng Shui.

The method was completed in 2010 and the first person that the fortuneteller tried her skills on was her former husband.

Through her work, the Thai woman is hoping to prove that the work of clairvoyants is honest and virtuous.