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Sleep disorders can be very dangerous

Sleep walking

Some sleep disorders namely sleep walking is carried out when there is a full moon. Subsequently clarified by the incidence of no midnight trips to the terms phases of the moon. Just for the witnesses it was much easier to monitor such rates of moonlight.

Recently in Austria at the military unit an accident was registered that miraculously ended without casualties. A night driver gets into his fleet mechanic that's armored with trucks and drives on. The driver is moving in the direction of the nearest town, but at some point loses control and the personnel carriers are thrown in the roadside ditch. The patrol who were sent to see what had happened found the driver in a deep sleep in the driver's seat. As a result of the investigation it is clarified that he was absolutely sober, but suffered from childhood somnambulism.

Canadian scientists highlighting a variety of unusual sleep disorders which are called sexsomnia. This is a particular condition in which the sleeper has sex without being aware. If ordinary sleep disorders are 2 to 4 percent, then a sleepwalker and sexsomnia occur much more frequently.

Dr. Mark Pressman, who deals with the study and treatment of sleep disorder, gives the story of Lisa Mahouni. Over 5 Lisa had many friends who came and left her without continuing the friendship. Almost every night, Lisa beat on them and would not let them sleep. She acted aggressively and looked scary. In the morning however, she did not remember anything from these performances.

The usual sleep disorders and sexsomnia not do pose dangers to others. But the unfortunate can occur and that, without knowing it, are transformed into blood thirsty monsters and perform senseless killings. Two such cases have become a sensation in England.

Hero was the first of Noridzh Brendan McGill. He suffered from somnambulism. He sometimes walked naked in the street and so not to be arrested for violation of public habits his wife left him three times in psychiatric clinics. But the drugs did not help him. In the best case he slept normally for a month or two, but then the attacks of somnambulism started again.

One night in 2002 McGill was headed home in an unknown direction. Unfortunately, he had got in the open car of a night patrol officer who had left the keys inside. Brendon sat behind the wheel and set off. Soon he noticed that the police patrol were stuck behind him who called on him to stop, but Brendan carried on driving headed towards two junctions. He hit a policeman in uniform who was trying to put up a partition, later that night he died in the ER. Finally, the police chasing him opened fire on the car tires, which led to a new tragedy. The car turned sideways and headed straight into a clock shop, and parked on the seller. Only then McGill awoke and was petrified with horror as he realized what had happened. In the course of the study physicians confirmed that McGill had committed criminal acts in a state of complete insanity.

In the latter case, the sleeping killer turned out to be 34 year old Christopher Paris from Sheffield. A simple, nondescript clerk who loves watching gory thrillers, ignored the advice of Neurophysiology, who consulted on the occasion of his somnambulism. For a long time he no particular problems. His relatives were accustomed to his nocturnal walks and ignored them. But in 1998 he and his wife were caught up in disaster. His wife died and Christoper Paris escaped with strong shock and concussion. Obviously, head trauma and stress alter the course of his illness.

sleeping killer

A testimony of Christopher's words were noted: The most terrible thing is that I do not remember nothing of what I did. Meaning the prosperity of the first murder, and others. I dreamed a nightmare and when I awoke I saw that my pajamas and my hands were covered in blood, and I was on the floor beside the bed and rolled up was a bloody kitchen knife. I turned the television on and I heard an unknown predator had killed that night on the adjacent street. I felt awful. I suspected that I may be the murderer, but did not know what to do. I was afraid to go to the police to make confessions as I thought they would hardly believe me. I was afraid to turn to the psychiatrist. Ultimately I decided that this was an annoying misunderstanding which will never be repeated. The next was a nightmare after about a month. I went mad with horror when I found on the floor I pierced ear of a female. I turned to the remote and learned that I had killed 47 year old Barbara Smith. So I decided to finish these stories and tried to kill myself. I wanted to hang myself, but the hook was tied to a noose and succumbed it. Then I slept for two days. I tried my best to prevent new attacks on humans: hiding knives in a safe, locking my hands on a tray on the bed with handcuffs. But every time it appeared that the devil in me is capable of anything. In the end, it had to happen, sooner or later and as you would expect the police caught me. I woke up from severe pain and found myself lying on the sidewalk, surrounded by policemen. It turned out that I randomly attacked bystanders and I began to fight. One managed to get out of my grasp and told the police. The patrol caught up with me near my home. I was not asked to stop as I had resisted.

Casualties of Christopher Paris became five people, two of whom survived. He was threatened with life imprisonment. Experts had proved that he committed the crimes in a state of insanity and was sent to a psychiatric ward for treatment.