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Fateful Encounters with Animals! Find out What to Expect

Nina NordNina Nord

It is said that an encounter with any animal is a sign that fate is sending us. All we need do is interpret it in order to find out what we should do and avoid. For example, when we see a spider outside, this is a harbinger of a new friendship or meeting with an old friend who is going to provide us valuable information.

If you encounter a cat appearing before you out of nowhere, this means that you need to listen to your inner voice with regards to an important decision that you've been trying to make for some time now. The cat is believed to be a symbol of intuition. A white cat symbolizes success in love, an orange cat is a sign that you need to focus on your spirituality, while a black cat portends that your luck is on its way to leaving you.

If an owl flies close by you, this is a very serious warning. You need to think carefully before doing what you've been trying to for awhile now. The owl warns that you must correctly weigh all pros and cons of your decision before taking any action.

For centuries, the crow has been linked to black magic, although they have in fact always symbolized the truth. If a crow flies by before you, this means that you're soon going to learn the truth about someone who is close to you but who has done something malicious toward you, without you knowing. Ancient wise men believed that when a person sees a crow they are ready to accept the truth, whatever it may be.

Seeing a deer is a spectacular experience - even if you glimpse this beautiful forest animal for a second, it portends that you'll face serious troubles which you're going to easily overcome. It's a sign of hope and symbolizes successes in the field in which you think you're currently at a standstill.


The wild rabbit represents good luck - if a rabbit runs by in front of you, it is an indication that you're going to experience good fortune unlike any you've dared dream of. Seeing a lizard is a sign that whatever you have recently taken to will yield success, although there will be some hurdles first.

If a snake crosses your path, this is a reminder that you need to organize yourself and focus your energy because you're not clear about your own capabilities and underestimate yourself.


If you see a seahorse, you're essentially being reminded that you must exhibit greater wisdom when making important decisions.

If a ladybug lands on your hand, this is a fantastic sign, meaning that you'll manage to overcome the difficulties that have been plaguing you lately. It also foretells of changes that are going to solve your problems.