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Animals in our Dreams and the Signs They Give us

Jana G.Jana G.

Animals can appear in your dreams to give you a specific sign and protect you from something, as well as to show you how to resolve a particular problem. Dreams with animals indicate a lot of problems in your relationships with other people.

In our dreams, animals can help us, speak to us, chase us or even attack us. The simplest way to interpret a dream with an animal is to provide an honest answer to what your attitude is toward that particular animal in real life.

Interpret your dream depending on your answer. For example, if you're afraid of dogs, a dog in your dream may be warning you of some kind of danger.


Pets are a common occurrence in dreams. If you see grazing animals in a pasture, this symbolizes a big win in the near future. But if the animals are searching for food and can't find any, this indicates financial problems to come.

If you're killing an animal in your dream, this is a sign that you have a strong need to show others that you're much more than what they are used to seeing.

If you're hurting an animal in your dream, without any reason for it, it symbolizes your urge to hurt someone around you, who has hurt you first.

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A starving animal in a dream portends upcoming troubles - at work and in the family. If you see a cat in your dream, it means that others see you as too individualistic and irresponsible.

A mouse in your dream symbolizes your desire to hide from someone. A pig in your dream illustrates your desire for something that you don't consider quite right but that you do want with all your heart.

A dog in a dream can also symbolize a friend, who can however mislead you unexpectedly and leave you in an unpleasant situation. If the dog is baring its teeth at you, this is a sign that your friendship with someone close will fall apart. If the dog is wagging its tail and is happy, your friendship will continue for a long time to come.

If an animal is chasing you in your dream, whatever it might be, it signifies a danger that's threatening you. But if you're the one dominating the animal, it foretells that you'll deal with any obstacles that'll get in your way.